Poom Din Shop: Folk Art Products from Thailand

Poom Din is very unique store in Bangkok, fill with color and many treasures. Tangnet is the owner and creator of this store, she makes some of the folk art sold here. You can see her studio beside the counter, fill with pieces of wood, poms-poms, ribbons of colors and great pieces of fabric. She carves the wood to put together the most lovely kids’ mobiles of animals with great creativity; flying horses, pigs on planes and funny rabbits; her style is so free that makes you smile. She also carves the logo store on stamps to make the tags as shown in the photos. Some stamps are sold here with different illustrations. Every element used in Tangnet creations comes from different parts of Thailand; the east, some the tribes in the north that she goes there personally to learn the techniques and work with the people. She also sells great pieces of vintage clothing and craft from other thai artists.

thai textiles

Above: textiles from northern Thailand, you can also find vintage cushion’s slipcovers  recovered by Tangnet.

Tangnet's own creations

This wood carved mobiles are by far the cutest most unique pieces of decor for a baby’s room I’ve seen in a long time. Simple, rustic and with the thai touch of color! Tangnet makes each of these animals by hand, then putting together with other elements a beautiful garland of flying animals.

Tangnet's Keychains

The keychain are also hand made by Tangnet mixing different folk elements from different thai tribes; she personally goes there work with the artisan and selects the material, it takes a lot of effort and patience to build one of each of these pieces.

Tangnet's KeychainsThai tribes' techniques

Above: Some photos displayed in the store to show how the materials of folk art are built in the tribes.

recycled bags

She also have great variety of recycled bags.

thai decorationsthai decorationsThe store decor is also very unique and one of a kind; they are objects Tangnet finds at Thai festivals, second had markets and family treasures.

you can visit her store at:

Poom Din Shop. Jatujak Weekend Market. Section 4Soi(3) 51/2 No. 279 Near toilet No. 4:BBK, Thailand.

Photos via: My Canon G12

RUM mag new interiors I love.

Everything about this space is perfect, the windows, the cement floors, the vintage chairs and the openness of the floor plan. It is a nice combination of industrial and vintage. I would not mind having a place like this, specially for those windows, aren’t they just amazing?

RUM magazine interiors

This bedroom is from a beautiful house in some place in Denmark. The bedspread is from Africa and the little side table adds a touch of Moroccan flair to the mix. The blanket by the fireplace with the geometric figures is a well known brand from Sweden called KLIPPAN. I love this room, specially that beautiful beige bedspread brought from Africa, God, I am going to go to Africa just for that reason!

Everything is beautifully quaint, elegant yet artistic and bold. It is spacious and light, which gives a bright and airy feel to the room. But how you use the space using your interior is the important thing; selecting the perfect furnishings to compliment the space is what makes a place unique and well thought over. Having a big window is a stunning asset to any room, but some people might worry it might not be safe. To protect their home, people install double-glazing to their windows, buy home insurance or draw the curtains when they go out, to prevent others looking inside After all, if you care about your home, it seems sensible to protect it.

RUM magazine interiors

White floors anyone?, I can’t get enough of these white floors, amazing for brightening a space and making it sooo neat! I love the combination of styles in this space;  African, French bistro, vintage, Nordic! all of them! great!!!!

RUM magazine interiors

This room above and the one below are very modern Nordic styles with mix in chairs raging from Ikea to Eames. When you mix good affordable Ikea with nice expensive Eames the results are quite impressive. Not every little single object in your home must cost a fortune to make it look hip and stylish.

RUM magazine interiors

I love white floors, (like you didn’t already know) but if I can get white wood ceilings even better. Check out this two simply perfect white rooms using a mix of old and new. I can spot a nice orange vintage fiberglass Eames combined with a very simple shelving unit in the back, perfect you see! Adding inexpensive elements to your room is not such a bad idea after all.

RUM magazine interiorsPhotos via: RUM

Hostal Empuries-a nordic experience in the mediterranean

I  went on the perfect getaway vacation before the start of high season this summer and stayed here for a night. I was amazed, exited and inspired with the spaces, the Nordic decoration, with that beach look, the old tile floors, the walls’ muted color, the vintage furniture and the chessboard floors. This Hostal (more a fancy boutique hotel to be fair) end up being the best place I’ve been so far in Spain,  it’s only an hour away from Barcelona, it makes you feel like you are back in time – in a dreamy land far far away. Its style is amazing and the architecture fits organically with the natural environment which surrounds it. Hostal Empuries was built in the 1900 to lodge the archaeologists working in the Roman-Greek ruins found here. If you take a small walk along the Hostal’s coastline you will run into; ruins, coves and the pine trees. This place is magical. I came back here last weekend and took these photos to share with you. So far one of my favorite things about Spain.

Hostal Empuries-Costa Brava, Spain

Hostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainPhotos via: My 4G Iphone

Vintage Glamour in Uruguay

Cynthia and Federico are the founders of a clothing line in Argentina called Kosiuko. They originally wanted to open a hotel. But after working the place they fall in love and decided to keep it, and what they have done with that space is incredible; a little vintage, shabby chic, rustic, french and nordic style all combine in one place. This is more than eye candy this is a Feast for your eyes! Enjoy!

uruguay cottage

uruguay cottage corridoruruguay cottage kitchen

uruguay cottage dining roomuruguay cottage rustic benchuruguay cottage chimneyuruguay cottage rustic walluruguay cottage white bathroom

This is an example in how two great continents meet. This article is about a cottage in Uruguay by Argentinians Cynthia and Federico, it was published in a Swedish website that collects work from 16 magazines called mixr.se. I am amazed  by Swedish people and the gift to find the best spaces that there are out there. Another of my late crushes is another great Scandinavian mag called RUM, this one danish, that I actually wrote about in my return from Denmark this past August.

Photos via: Jean-Marc Wullschleger / living agency (all photos)

I’m crazy about….

…this awesome bag!!! at the Maison & Objet Fair by German designer Pia Pasalk. The handle is made of real ceramic, very strong and durable. The body of the purse is made out real leather and vintage canvas fabric. It’s a piece of art more than a bag, but you can also try to wear it with a nice worn down pair of jeans and a nice white button up shirt. I’m not and expert in the matter, but I would suggest. :-)

designer bags with ceramic handles

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