Barcelona in White

I miss Barcelona; my lovely cousin, vermouths and beautiful apartments with great mosaic floors. It is quite nice and rare to find an apartment with mosaic floors with pale tones and shades of white, like in this case. I love the simplicity of the space. You really don’t need much furniture when you have windows like these, mosaic floors and don’t forget…LIGHT. Even though it’s hard to believe this is a luxury that it is rare to find in Barcelona. Think about it, old buildings were designed up to six and seven floors tall along very narrow streets not allowing the light to enter. :( But let’ not be sad. You can still find beauties like this one! Enjoy!

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 4

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 5

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 7

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 10

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 12

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 13

Photos via: Decoist


Color my floors

This beautiful work comes from GROOPPO Architecture Studio in Italy. I am a lover of white floors, but that’s the reason why I am so impressed with this project, because it really makes me rethink the idea of having some color tiles in my home instead. The tile work in this project is a chromatic master piece. If you are thinking on refurbishing some rooms I will suggest some tiles floors with these soft palette of colors. I assured you you wont get bored of looking at them, I actually think the will make your beautiful memories get pressed into your mind with more color.

grooppo home leaving room

grooppo project leaving room2

grooppo project kitchen

grooppo home bathroom

Grooppo Home 1

Grooppo Home 2

Grooppo Home Studio

Photos via: Grooppo

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