Josef Frank. Design Lesson No. 4

Textile, textiles, textiles. Some of the most beautiful textile designs belongs to an architect, that’s right, a Viennese architect from the ’40 called Josef Frank. He was born in Vienna and moved for some time to Sweden where he build vacations homes for swedish families. In the years of WWII he and his wife moved to NY for some time to only return to a Sweden that appreciated and understood his art, his vision and his talent; a range of works that today still stand as the most fascinating and modern works of the 21st century, even though was created on the 20th century.

Josef frank 2


Josef Frank 3.png

Josef Frank 4.png


Photos via: Svenskttenn

Weaving techniques from Thailand

Not long ago my friend Pooh from Thailand took me to a small village up north called: Baan Don Lae and showed me one of the most antique techniques in Thai weaving “Pa Tor Teen Jok”. Actually and sadly the technique will soon be lost, since the master of weaving will take the secrets of weaving with her. I met her, her name is Yai Gae  (Yai = grandmum /Gae = her nickname), she was a lovely woman with a life dedicated to weaving, she is considered one of the best in the region. The new generation seems not to have any interest in keeping this art going, it takes too much time and effort and it’s never well paid in the abundant over exploited markets for tourists around Thailand famous for bargaining. It was a beautiful, nevertheless, afternoon to  be spent in the company of the few ladies that still do this art and they do it right. That day most of the women went to the temple since it was a religious holiday, so they were not caught in action and many were not at home. But still some of them were around like Yai Gae and shared with me their work, their patterns and looms where day spend their days weaving away. Enjoy!

.weaving loom from thailand tribe

How the weaver follow pattern in the process of weaving.

weaving loom from thailand tribe

Close up of a weaver’s loom.

weaving patterns

Patterns used by weavers to follow in the weaving process.

weaving loom thailand

thai textilte

weaving thai loom

weaving loom from Thailand

the master of weaving

The Master of weaving Yai Gae and my friend Pooh.

textile thailand

Photos Via: My Canon G12, Special thanks to my friend Pooh and all the ladies from the village.

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