Add a bit of color this Spring

I have posted about TineK collection recently to show you guys the batik wallpaper that I personally find so incredible. TineK keep everything very well balance with her black and whites tones, but I am happy to find a splash of color other than blue this spring. An unexpected Salmon that poses in these photos so beautifully, I also thought that I could bring a bit of color to your monday blues. Get a little inspired with these nice arrangement of objects and tones.

batik wallpaper tine K

These green lams bring a surprising punch of color to contrast the black and white batik.

Tine K collage

Love the collage with the salmon scissors with an old look.

batik boxes Tike K

Small boxes made out the batik paper, they are sooooo nice.

Batik napkins Tine K

You know that if would have a wooden stamp or any type of stamp you could do your own seasonal napkins! just a thought.


Photos Via: TineK

Pretty pretty spaces

Get inspired by pretty pretty rooms like these ones. I love the way they mix and match vintage, industrial and art. Enjoy!

industrial lighting

Industrial lighting, bulbs at different sizes its a great whimsical idea.

industrial fireplace

A fireplace made of concrete in the middle of the room, neutral and balanced, love it!

rustic bath

Old rusty frames and concrete walls makes of a tiny space a big statement.

industrial and vintage

Mix chairs from the same industrial style keeping thing fun but in tone.

industrial design plus art

The way things are displayed in this room are just perfect.

vintage space with industrial touches

Another class on how to displayed art in an unexpected manner.

Photos via: RUM



Josef Frank. Design Lesson No. 4

Textile, textiles, textiles. Some of the most beautiful textile designs belongs to an architect, that’s right, a Viennese architect from the ’40 called Josef Frank. He was born in Vienna and moved for some time to Sweden where he build vacations homes for swedish families. In the years of WWII he and his wife moved to NY for some time to only return to a Sweden that appreciated and understood his art, his vision and his talent; a range of works that today still stand as the most fascinating and modern works of the 21st century, even though was created on the 20th century.

Josef frank 2


Josef Frank 3.png

Josef Frank 4.png


Photos via: Svenskttenn

Hotel Flora from Sweden

Hotel Flora is a beautiful boutique hotel located in the city of Goteborg, Sweden. Goteborg is a growing city, second largest in Sweden, where the design and music are setting the new trends all over Europe. I think Hotel Flora reflects the modernity yet warm personality of Goteborg. I love the combination of color and textures used in Hotel Flora, always in perfect balance. Its modern looks never feels cold nonetheless is full of personality and character. This beautiful work of design comes from a swedish design studio called Design by US. A super creative studio with incredibly style and sensibility. Enjoy!

Hotel flora library

R9Y8661 Redigera e1308228440846

Hotel Flora 6889

Hotelflora theflowerroomtwin 590x393

Photos via: Hotel Flora

Kauko Cafe

This year Helsinki has been nominated the World Capital of Design. It is an initiative of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, which every second year recognizes on global city for its accomplishments in utilizing design as a tool to improve social, cultural and economic life. The previous World Capital of Design have been Turin, Italy in 2008 and Seoul in South Korea 2010. Cape Town, South Africa was chosen as World Capital of Design for 2014.

To commemorate the occasion and create awareness on how design affects our lives everyday Kauko the remotely control Cafe was created and placed in various locations around the city of Helsinki. I really enjoyed this video that shows how good or bad design can really affect our lives and how indeed WE ARE designers of our own surroundings. Congratulations to Finland, a great emerging country of good design and creativity, can’t wait to be back soon.

Video via: wdc Helsinski

Ericofon or Cobra Phone. Design Lesson no. 1.2

To continue on Nordic Design. I would like to add this simple yet famous invention of the 20th century that made a big difference to the world. It is the Ericofon, design by Ericsson Company in Sweden. You might be familiar with this nice vintage look phone but maybe ignore its big importance in the history of Design. THe Ericofon was released on the second half of the 20th century and marks the future for the cordless phone almost 30 years prior its invention. This small but significant creation is found in the Museum of Modern Art in NY and in the Museum of Design in Stockholm. Gösta Thames is considered the father of the Ericofon. Other relevant designer to work on this project was Ralph Lysell. Gotham Thames

Gösta Thames and the Ericofon in black.

Photos via: flikr, Ericsson

Norwegian apartment with French inspiration

Amazing apartment from one of my fave mags from Norway, Bolig. A city apartment with a French flare. Incredible combinations of vintage, modern style and art. I love the simplicity and the free spirit of this home, always maintaining the down to earth feel, the fun and sophistication. Enjoy!


The vintage run down walls look is a very daring one, makes the room dramatic and if you dare I am pretty sure it  is a DIY one.

bolig-apartment 2

A typical norwegian fireplace combine with the eclectic art display on the wall making this place a very unique one.


A vintage chandelier from a visit to the Murano glass factory in Italy in 1951.


“A stand on wheels” is a fun and easy way to store your books at home.

Photos via: Bolig


Deck time from Denmark!

Well, I have news for you, Summer is officially here and to celebrate the occasion I want to share this wonderful home from Denmark. I always loved decks, and different ways to decorate them. You can get inspired this weekend to add new flare to your deck this summer. This beautiful home comes from Bolig, one of my favorite magazines from Denmark. Enjoy your weekend and let the creative juices flow!

deck from Bolig mag

Deck from Bolig Mag

Even is the space is very reduce in size you can still create different ambients in the same space and it will make it bigger to the eye.

ineriors from Bolig Mag

1. Flare up your entrance with a bright color gnome! from Artemide. 2. The shapes an styles of both the lamps mix and match in perfect harmony. The sofa is an incredible piece from Autoban. 3. The unpolished wood floors texture against the polish steel kitchen is in perfect balance. 4. White floors for the bedroom, please yes! please!

Photos via: Bolig

Northern Lighting from Norway

Another country with great creativity and incredible design is Norway where Northern Lighting was born. Northern Lighting is a small design company focusing on lighting inspired in Nordic nature; with only 6 year on the market Northern Lighting is making a big difference in the way we use light. The variety of designs reflects the organic concept of Northern Lighting, working with different designers at many levels of experience and high levels of creativity present in every product released by this unique Norwegian design company. One of my favorites has to be the MOO lamp. I want to bring home the nordic touch and what a better way to do so than bringing home MOO! More than just a lamp every light designed is an sculpture that will beautify any space filling it with Nordic nature reminiscence.

Moo lamp

I love the idea of converting taxidermy in a far away reality transformed into light!

Illusion lamp

Another great idea! “Illusion” table lamp and in half version too!!! sooo great!

Illusion half black light

Illusion lamp

Snakkes lamp

This one is so smart and fun, it is called “Snakkes” in Norwegian means “talk to you later”. Great for leaving a message, make it bright with a wipeable marker pen. Do you need to remind your roommate to pay the rent? Or remind your husband that you love him? Here is a witty way to do it!

Sunday light

Sunday” is a wall light and shelf combined. It is lit by using either a bulb or a candle light. Love this lamp/table/candelabra!

Sunday light

Maze Alu light

“Maze” has geometry and symmetry in focus, with overlapping plates in a labyrinthine pattern. This lamp can enhances any room, great to mix and match with old and new.


“Oslo Wood” spreads light in the same way as seen in the forests around Oslo. So if you are in need of some Norwegian forest in your room, this one is the one to go with!

Diva table light

“Diva” is a light sculpture with a lot of attitude that when off it remains an essential and uniquely aesthetic décor object in any room.

Photos via: Northern Lighting

RUM mag new interiors I love.

Everything about this space is perfect, the windows, the cement floors, the vintage chairs and the openness of the floor plan. It is a nice combination of industrial and vintage. I would not mind having a place like this, specially for those windows, aren’t they just amazing?

RUM magazine interiors

This bedroom is from a beautiful house in some place in Denmark. The bedspread is from Africa and the little side table adds a touch of Moroccan flair to the mix. The blanket by the fireplace with the geometric figures is a well known brand from Sweden called KLIPPAN. I love this room, specially that beautiful beige bedspread brought from Africa, God, I am going to go to Africa just for that reason!

Everything is beautifully quaint, elegant yet artistic and bold. It is spacious and light, which gives a bright and airy feel to the room. But how you use the space using your interior is the important thing; selecting the perfect furnishings to compliment the space is what makes a place unique and well thought over. Having a big window is a stunning asset to any room, but some people might worry it might not be safe. To protect their home, people install double-glazing to their windows, buy home insurance or draw the curtains when they go out, to prevent others looking inside After all, if you care about your home, it seems sensible to protect it.

RUM magazine interiors

White floors anyone?, I can’t get enough of these white floors, amazing for brightening a space and making it sooo neat! I love the combination of styles in this space;  African, French bistro, vintage, Nordic! all of them! great!!!!

RUM magazine interiors

This room above and the one below are very modern Nordic styles with mix in chairs raging from Ikea to Eames. When you mix good affordable Ikea with nice expensive Eames the results are quite impressive. Not every little single object in your home must cost a fortune to make it look hip and stylish.

RUM magazine interiors

I love white floors, (like you didn’t already know) but if I can get white wood ceilings even better. Check out this two simply perfect white rooms using a mix of old and new. I can spot a nice orange vintage fiberglass Eames combined with a very simple shelving unit in the back, perfect you see! Adding inexpensive elements to your room is not such a bad idea after all.

RUM magazine interiorsPhotos via: RUM

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