Josephine’s Paris Kitchen

Interior Designer Josephine is the creator of this stunning Kitchen for a project in Paris. The 200 square meter apartment landed in the cover of Casaviva Thailande on april this year. No surprise after researching all the great work Josephine does. The apartment itself is incredible, but I was enchanted particularly by this soft, full of character kitchen. The mix of old and new plus textures is so classy but the touch of pink very daring and unexpected, I am amazed how it fits so well this kitchen without making it too girly, it is plain fun and stylish. I love pink but always been very careful about using it around the house because can make the space a little too girly for my taste, but after seeing this I feel like makes it fun and daring which it’s right up my alley. Enjoy!

Photo thai3




Photos via: Josephine Interior Design



Papier a etres… Excusez-moi?

“Papier a etres” translate as “Paper to be”, beautiful things as you can see. Sophie Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet are a couple from Paris, I met her personally at the Paris Fair, they are amazing artists that have created an entire line of lighting sculptures just using paper. These are actually table lamps and you can buy them! Awesome news!

papier a etres lampspapier a etres lamps

These dolls walking up the stairs are complete mind blowing! I would definitely have that many dolls in my entry way leading the visitors into the living room! Why not? Or maybe just be happy with one floating on a bookshelf, that would be a great touch for any space.

papier a etres lamps

One of their latest inventions is this kid’s lamp, completely made out of paper, where there is a boy sitting in one end of a branch and a sweet rabbit is playing at the other end. This is a beyond cute, simple and just incredible imagination. Hope you like it.

papier a etres kid lampPhotos via: Papier a etres, My G10.

I’m crazy about….

…this awesome bag!!! at the Maison & Objet Fair by German designer Pia Pasalk. The handle is made of real ceramic, very strong and durable. The body of the purse is made out real leather and vintage canvas fabric. It’s a piece of art more than a bag, but you can also try to wear it with a nice worn down pair of jeans and a nice white button up shirt. I’m not and expert in the matter, but I would suggest. :-)

designer bags with ceramic handles

The Microcosmes of design

The Microcosmes of design

Interesting installation from Francois Bernard member of Maison & Objet.

Coming back to privacy in a world of overexposure.

design trends for fall

Here you also get to catch the latest trend in design for this fall.

hug chair for mocrocosmes

This one I call “the hug chair”. Seating here must feels like a nice welcoming after a hard day at work.
And this one is always in the mood for a hug!

Undercover video from Maison & Objet Fair!!

I’ll will be posting a lot of material from this amazing event in Paris, but please be patience because is soo much material that I can’t do it all at once. Here a video from a collective of latest trends in design to feed the eye! Profitez-en!

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