Papier a etres… Excusez-moi?

“Papier a etres” translate as “Paper to be”, beautiful things as you can see. Sophie Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet are a couple from Paris, I met her personally at the Paris Fair, they are amazing artists that have created an entire line of lighting sculptures just using paper. These are actually table lamps and you can buy them! Awesome news!

papier a etres lampspapier a etres lamps

These dolls walking up the stairs are complete mind blowing! I would definitely have that many dolls in my entry way leading the visitors into the living room! Why not? Or maybe just be happy with one floating on a bookshelf, that would be a great touch for any space.

papier a etres lamps

One of their latest inventions is this kid’s lamp, completely made out of paper, where there is a boy sitting in one end of a branch and a sweet rabbit is playing at the other end. This is a beyond cute, simple and just incredible imagination. Hope you like it.

papier a etres kid lampPhotos via: Papier a etres, My G10.

Maison & Objet Sneak Pics!

I like to share! here some pics from Paris Fair, completely undercover!, but Oh lala so beautiful.

Maison and Object Elephant Stand

this elephant didn’t feel awkward at all in the room!

tapestry animals

love these forest of unicorns in tapestry skins!!

Missoni Home Stand

Chicken wire and fancy white candelabras… don’t tell me how, but it does fit perfectly! must be Paris!

candelabras wonderland inspired

nevertheless there is some Alice in Wonderland inspiration objects!!

cake chair from Japan

some icing on your cake , chair cake from Japan, to finish these series of pics from Maison &Objet.

Hope you enjoy.

via: my via: my Iphone G4

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