How to make your house a home

What do we mean when we say home? Is it where the heart is, where we hide away, a place for nurturing and caring, a haven, a reflection of who we are? So many questions, but the answer is always ‘yes’.

Turning a house into a home, on a practical level, is all about filling it with things that make us feel happy, relaxed and comfortable. We all have our own personal style, we have strong opinions about what we like and dislike, but ultimately, behind closed doors, we crave comfort first, style second.

That’s why, when turning a house into a home, it is essential to focus on the comfort aspects of the surroundings. Are the beds, chairs and sofas all gloriously comfortable and perfect to sink into after a long day in the outside world? The ideal living room is one which looks fabulous, feels cosy and comfortable and functions well. Half the battle is in finding the best seating and nothing beats a corner sofa for somewhere to stretch out and relax in style.

Personalising a home is so easy to do, but many shy away from it, fearing they will get it wrong. Be bold and put a personal stamp on the interior. Family photographs, wall art, personal collections, plants and cut flowers, all make a home feel lived in and vibrant. Found objects, such as driftwood or interesting stones and shells can be displayed to great effect and serve as reminders of special days. Using heirlooms or antiques and bric-a-brac to individualise a space can be very effective, as the ornaments or items chosen are rarely mass market and have a unique quirky charm.








Photos via: Bolig

Mix and match

This is the work for Urban Outfitters London by Petra Bindel, swedish photographer. I am in love with this inspiring combination of textures, colors and textiles. Please indulge in this amazing work with a hidden lesson in color theory and mixing and matching objects.

urban outfitters Petra Bindel1

urban outfitters Petra Bindel1

urban outfitters Petra Bindel3

urban outfitters Petra Bindel4

Photos via: Petra Bindel

Finland on my mind…

I ran into krista keltanen, a great photographer and blogger from Finland in one of those days I woke up missing far away lands that I visited and can’t wait to go back. I love her photography, it is full of honesty and character. As always nordic spaces make my heart smile and my eyes dance. This is just a taste of Krista portfolio. Enjoy!

Krista keltanen photoI am in love with the mobile in this room, it might be a lamp shade but as a mobile would be just as perfect.

Krista keltanen photo3Black and white and a stripe of pink, why not? It looks so incredibly alive to me.

Krista keltanen photo4Love this photo with the detail of pink shoes, so romantic, I love it.

Krista keltanen photo5I always thought of writing something on top of my headboard, the problem is what, I can see myself changing my mind all the time, falling in love with new quotes every day. Maybe a chalkboard as a headboard would be a better choice for my room. Actually I think that’s a brilliant idea! :)

Krista keltanen photo1Oh this white rooms uplifts my spirit, just looking at it makes me happy.

Photos via: krista keltanen


Bar & CO. Restaurant, Finland

An incredible example of nordic design, architecture and decor. Bar & CO Restaurant was designed by Joanna Laajisto an interior architect that lived and studied in the West Coast of the US and decided to go back home in Finland to work. Her works are a mixed of relax spaces and elegance. She used common vintage objects like copper cake molds and transformed them into tea lights holders, that creativity is what makes a big difference in a space. And for sure this space is different and inviting, I can’t wait to be back in lovely Finland and have an aperitif here.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 1

That is my favorite bookcase display so far! I have to have that one made in my home.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 2

Copper cake molds turned into tea light holders, just perfect.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 3

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 4

Awesome light fixture from Constance Guisset a french touch that enhances the space.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 5

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 6

The used of a french classic like chair “No. 14″ or chair “Thonet” gives a touch of cosmopolitan hang out in downtown Helsinki.

Photos via: Joanna Laajisto

Arne Letters.

Few week ago I wrote about Danish architect- designer, Arne Jacobsen. I did forget to mention that he also created typography for Aarhus City Hall. In 1937 he created a typeface that still looks contemporary today and is without a doubt absolutely gorgeous. Today you can drink and eat his letters, figuratively. The typeface has been revived to decorate porcelain plates and mugs that you can purchase over here.

Arne Typeface

Schermata 11 2455868 alle 21 25 56 550x384

Arne typeface mugs 2

Arne mugs


Photos via:

Arttiles obsesses with tiles

The best way to combine functionality with art could be Arttile, a company producing ceramic titles expressing individuality, art and creativity. I couldn’t help to notice this highly creative product that functions as art and a kitchen wall, or bathroom wall or a counter!  Multiple uses of titles makes this form of expression fun and functional. Arttile was created by Anette Normark and Trine Galschiot in Copenhagen, Denmark. I absolutely love it! I think it’s an incredible idea, I believe it looks gorgeous in any home, showing personality and unexpected decor. Enjoy!

Arttile kitchen wall


Art wall with Arttile


Photos via: Arttiles

The Wishbone Chair by Wegner (1914-2007). Design Lesson 1.4

Another iconic design from a danish designer; the Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner. He was born in Denmark in 1914, at the age of 22 he attended the school of Arts and Craft in Copenhagen. After school he assisted Arne Jacobsen until 1943, designing the Arhus Town Hall. After that he opened his own office and launch the beginning of a series of chairs that will be part of history forever. His intense danish need to simplify the forms was a catalyst for the creation of Wegner’ chairs. Also the creator for the Round Chair, called the most beautiful chair by the america interior magazine in 1950. The Wishbone Chair was created in 1950, it is considered his most successful design. Wegner die in Copenhagen, January 2007 at the age of 92.

wishbone chair by wegner


wishbone chair by wegner 2

Photos via: Danish Design, Suite NY

Hostal Empuries-a nordic experience in the mediterranean

I  went on the perfect getaway vacation before the start of high season this summer and stayed here for a night. I was amazed, exited and inspired with the spaces, the Nordic decoration, with that beach look, the old tile floors, the walls’ muted color, the vintage furniture and the chessboard floors. This Hostal (more a fancy boutique hotel to be fair) end up being the best place I’ve been so far in Spain,  it’s only an hour away from Barcelona, it makes you feel like you are back in time – in a dreamy land far far away. Its style is amazing and the architecture fits organically with the natural environment which surrounds it. Hostal Empuries was built in the 1900 to lodge the archaeologists working in the Roman-Greek ruins found here. If you take a small walk along the Hostal’s coastline you will run into; ruins, coves and the pine trees. This place is magical. I came back here last weekend and took these photos to share with you. So far one of my favorite things about Spain.

Hostal Empuries-Costa Brava, Spain

Hostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainPhotos via: My 4G Iphone

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