Condesa DF

Let’s embrace color, let’s get ready for Spring. Check this incredible Hotel in Mexico City called Condesa DF. I stayed here few years ago, and I was mesmerized by the brave used of color. Turquoise is the main color around this incredible space making everything dance in harmony and vibrancy. The rooms are so inviting that you might feel is just an amazing home not a hotel we are looking at. So no more to say, look at it, let these colors inspired you.

 condesa df mexico city  1

La barra” best place to enjoy a cocktail before dinner.

Condesa DF hotel 2

Best breakfast I ever had. From fresh cheeses to marmalades, natural juices, fresh tortillas and more.

HotelCondesaDF 3

This room seems to belong to a quaint house in the mexican city neighborhood Condesa DF.

condesa df 4


Beautiful matching shelves and wall color, just simply perfection.

 Condesa DF Hotel Exterior 1

Condesa DF, a neighborhood where boutiques, art galleries and tacos merged.

Photos via: CNTraveler, Orbitz, Discover-deliver, Flickr.


Casa del Agua

I have not seen branding at its highest in a long time, until I ran into this incredible water factory in Puebla, Mexico. I am in love with the way they handled the branding, the interior design and the product itself. Who would it thought that something so essential like WATER could be so hip and with a vintage twist. It is in fact a luxury, since as CASA DEL AGUA states WE ARE MADE OUT OF WATER, so why not get the best? Indeed, they put together a high quality product from the creation using local sources and purifying methods that includes a philosophy that belives that water is affected by thoughts. CASA DEL AGUA takes care of that in the process assuring the water is recieving only nurturing, peaceful and loving thoughts in the process. I am not sure if that would make it taste better… But what I am sure of is that that water looks clearly like a piece of great design.


casa del agua

interior casa del agua

interior casa del agua 3

casa del agua logo

Less is always more, simple iconic logo, feels like the good design from the 70′.

design from casa del agua

casa del agua bottle

casa del agua bottle 2

casadel agua interior3

casa del agua branding

Branding at its best.. in my opinion. :)


Photos via: CASA DEL AGUA


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