Palm Springs groove

The Ace Hotel in Palm Spring California is a great combination of mid century design with a pinch of bohemian aroma and a touch of ethnic spice. Now that Coachella is approaching I would totally pair up the experience staying at the Ace Hotel. I always been in love with Palm Spring magic, what I love about this place is that can help you get so many ideas in how to come back home and make some purging, simplify your space and sleek it up with a simple mexican throw or a vintage signage or just one letter. This experience is going on my wish list for 2013. Enjoy.

Ace Hotel Entrance

Ace Hotel Lounge

Ace Hotel Dinner

Ace Hotel Room 1

Ace Hotel room 2

ace hotel room 3


Photos via: Wallpaper, Paper, Sunset.

Mei Xian Qiu’s Work of Art

On Saturday I was walking through an Art Opening in Los Angeles when I ran into Mei Xian’s work. At first the bright colors and the big canvases are what caught my attention and suddenly I was hooked. Her work is full of irony, meaning and poetry. Mei was born in Java, Indonesia from Chinese parents, they migrated to California when she was very young spending her life between the US and China as a parental attempt to not being westernized. You can see her life in her juxtaposed work of photography, glass and illustration. Beautifully displayed against the light making all the layers and colors come to life. Her work not surprisingly ended up in the pages of Living ETC, UK for the May issue. I really enjoyed meeting Mei; she was warm and eager to explain her work to me and eager to know about other people’s juxtaposed lives as well. Enjoy!

MEi Xian Qiu 1 Mei Xian Qiu 2 Mei Xian Qiu 3 Mei Xian Qiu 4 Screen Shot 2012 11 14 at 1 40 01 PM

Photos via: Mei Xian Qiu

Dosa space in Los Angeles.

What I love about Dosa is the simplicity that is reflected in every piece they make. The six thousand square foot space in Downtown Los Angeles is the house for the entire collection, the place is charged with creative energy. There is a combination of humble details and textures from the collection that fill the space effortless.  Dosa uses vintage textiles and recycled materials from many countries including: India, Mexico, Turkey and sewing techniques like  patchwork and appliquéd. Most of the pieces are hand made. Dosa also has a line for ware house including poufs, hand woven khadi cotton towels and much more. I really enjoyed visiting the space and meeting them. Christina Kim and Jennifer Cheh are responsible for the collections at Dosa, they were of great help to explain the incredible amount of work that goes into every piece.


Dosa Space los Angeles.1

Dosa space in Los Angeles.

Dosa Space los Angeles.2

I fell in love with these “mexican papel picado”  they used to soften the loft structure.

Dosa Space los Angeles.3

A great piece showcasing the home collection for summer 2012, it reminded me so much of Bali wood work.

Vintage Scarf from Dosa.1

Scarf from 2012 collection.

Vintage Scarf from Dosa.2

Oxacan rebozo scarf.

Vintage Scarf from Dosa.3

Scarves with appliquéd technique.

Dosa Space los Angeles.4

Photos Via: my iPhone 4G

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