Things I love about Bali

Meditating Cat

You can find lots of meditating cats around Ubud. They love their cats, that’s for sure!

Wood Carving

Wood Carving. Bali

Wood Carving, Bali

Wood Carving, Bali

Wood Carving, the best is found here in Bali, amazing work, these day beds are my favorite thing, you can ship it home if you got the cash!

Wood Carving, Bali

Here is where they work the wood, you can see the process of carving and the building of great pieces of furniture, it is amazing!

Wood Carving, Bali

Wood Carving, Bali

Wood Carving, Bali

Doors in Bali

One thing I got to love while in Bali is the doors, any door; they have the most exquisite doors I’ve ever seen, some are raw wood color, others are nice bright colors and some used gold, but the carving can go from simple and beautiful to intricate and extremely detailed.

Bali doors

Bali Doors

Painted Bali hats

Hand painted Bali hats.

Wood statues

Wood statues with crazy eyes to scare evil spirits away from your home.

Bali Home Decor

Bali Home Decor

Bali Home Decor

Balinese have a tradition of decorating the entrance of their homes to bring good luck and also to compete with the neighbors, it is also used for weddings and other ceremonies, they are biodegradable normally replaced twice a year if they can afford it.

Bali Christmas

In Bali the main religion is Hinduism, regardless they love Christmas and this is a sample of the Balinese Christmas tree. Nothing wrong with a little bit of Christmas in your life.

Ubud Baskets, Bali

Ubud Baskets, Bali

Ubud Baskets

Love the baskets you can find around Bali, painted, raw or plain colors, they are so practical and a great piece of decoration for any room.


This is one thing I fall in love with, tin cans, frames, mobiles, boxes, door signs, anything you can think of, this craft comes from north of the island.

tin store bali

Batiks from Java

Last but not least is this batik collage sold by the meter; batik comes from Java, it is a technique used in Indonesia where the fabric is stamped manually, a very detailed and laborious task. Each small square you see it’s a piece from a batik, it can be very pricy depending on the detail and design.

Photos via: My G12 Canon

Biaugust!! Do you know these guys?

If you haven’t heard of them, let me introduced you.  Owen Chuang and Cloud Lu returned to Taiwan after studying design in Japan to start their design company  called “Biaugust” in 2005, since then they have been reviewed in many magazines around the world. These bottles are called “Draining Away”, they are made out of silicone, you can use them as vases filled with; water, pencils, flowers or even tealights. Love the versatility of these bottles!

draining away bottlesPhotos via: Biaugust

Yummy bottles

yummy bottles

Wouldn’t be nice to  make some fresh lemonade, horchata and watermelon juice, then filling some of these yummy colored bottles from Vitrocolor. Taking them outside to the patio and share a great Sunday lunch with your friends. That would be a beautiful table, with definitely white linens and fancy picnic cutlery like these ones all in plastic, hard to believe! to have a deluxe picnic experience.

plastic fancy cutlery

Sounds like a great relaxing for the eye Sunday in warm California or even here in hot Barcelona.

Via: homeshoppingspy, vitrocolor.

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