Happy Halloween!

Hope all of you folks will have a very special halloween, I would like to share with you this awesome illustration for your desktop right here. Happy trick or treating!


halloween desktop


Gary Baseman on Halloween

I had the pleasure to attend this past weekend Gary Baseman’s Art Show in Los Angeles to start mentally preparing for Halloween this year. I have to say, the show was spooky and fun. I love the collection of vintage photographs that the artist has collected over the decades to compile such interesting and spooky experience, some of the photographs are nearly a century old. Most of the images are just normal people getting ready to trick or treating around the american suburbia in the 50′ and 60′, but the brushes added by the artist makes it even more freaky. I personally love Halloween, this pagan festivity really bring us back to spooky times and believes, if you know the actual history of Halloween. Enjoy!


baseman halloween 1

baseman halloween 2

This is a great piece the artist had at the Show. Easily made by covering dolls with a piece of white fabric with holes for the eyes and mouths. It is a simple cheap decor DIY you can try this Halloween.

baseman halloween 3

Gary’s work using vintage photographs he collected it for more than a decade.

baseman halloween 4

Photos via: Arrested Motion

Happy Day of the Dead!

Some curiosities for a very unique celebration. Here a pillow, some candy and some soap…  to get in the spirit of the day of the dead! :-)day of the dead pillowsugar candy-day of the deadday of the dead-soapPhotos via: Bird Fight, Flikr, Etsy

Happy Halloween decor ideas

Halloween weekend ahead! love this time of the year. Here some nice photo compositions for you to enjoy and maybe to inspire you to arrange some last minute halloween decorations for all the procastinators out there including myself. This year white pumpkins are a must, a nordic Halloween touch you can hardly go wrong. Have a great Halloween, see you monday for day of the dead!

halloween decor ideasPhotos via: Corner Paint

halloween cake, halloween garlandPhotos via: Etsy cake, Etsy garland

halloween tags for cupcakesPhotos via: Etsy cupcakes, Etsy napkin, Etsy cupcake tags

white pumkins and scary jarsPhotos via: Country LivingEtsy bat, Etsy jars

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