How to make your house a home

What do we mean when we say home? Is it where the heart is, where we hide away, a place for nurturing and caring, a haven, a reflection of who we are? So many questions, but the answer is always ‘yes’.

Turning a house into a home, on a practical level, is all about filling it with things that make us feel happy, relaxed and comfortable. We all have our own personal style, we have strong opinions about what we like and dislike, but ultimately, behind closed doors, we crave comfort first, style second.

That’s why, when turning a house into a home, it is essential to focus on the comfort aspects of the surroundings. Are the beds, chairs and sofas all gloriously comfortable and perfect to sink into after a long day in the outside world? The ideal living room is one which looks fabulous, feels cosy and comfortable and functions well. Half the battle is in finding the best seating and nothing beats a corner sofa for somewhere to stretch out and relax in style.

Personalising a home is so easy to do, but many shy away from it, fearing they will get it wrong. Be bold and put a personal stamp on the interior. Family photographs, wall art, personal collections, plants and cut flowers, all make a home feel lived in and vibrant. Found objects, such as driftwood or interesting stones and shells can be displayed to great effect and serve as reminders of special days. Using heirlooms or antiques and bric-a-brac to individualise a space can be very effective, as the ornaments or items chosen are rarely mass market and have a unique quirky charm.








Photos via: Bolig

Ferm Living: Nostalgic Pastels

Continuing on a Pastel note, I ran into the new Ferm-Living catalog, which, is full of pastels tones and nostalgia. Ahhh.. great combination of colors bringing the new breeze of march full of emotions and memories from lost childhoods and new ones to come. I have never seen feeling and art direction win over the hard sell mentality of the “product integrity” or “make the logo bigger!”. Finally a catalog with delightful washed out tones and lighting that interferes with the original product making it closer to art and not to advertising. I personally would shop more often if I was exposed to this kind of end result between design and art direction. Love it! Of course it had to be from Denmark.. not surprised about that! Enjoy.


Ferm4Wall  Stickers to do your own arrangement.

Ferm3Gorgeous kid’s wall.

Ferm5I am in love with this wallpaper and the wall lights are adorable!


Ferm1Total wallpaper nostalgia! Can’t get more 70′ tthat this!

Ferm2Great wallpaper with the stripe tent and the washed out lighting filter makes it even more dreamy.

Photos via: Ferm-Living

Pastel forward!

Saving daylight is here meaning you were probably late for work today… no, meaning we are closer to Spring and we need some pastels in our life! That’s right! So, I am happy to present to you the Condesa Chair and Acapulco Chair made by hand in Mexico from a sustainable studio based in Denmark named OK Design. This iconic chair is been around in patios all around america from a long long time. But now it’s been revived in beautiful pastel colors and in the irreplaceable white.


Condesa Chair

Iconic Condesa Chair all in white.

Ok Designs

More designs from the studio using PVC plastic cord.

Condesa Chair

The also iconic Acapulco Chair in pastel blue. Adorable!

Condesa chair4

Condesa Chair in pink in the process of being made by artisan in the Mexico studio.

Photos Via: OK Design

Christmas the nordic way…

It’s almost Christmas and what better way to get ready for it than get some inspiration from our beloved nordic people. This villa outside Copenhagen shows a Christmas decor a bit desaturated and full of nostalgia. I am in love with the earth tones and the vintage pieces that decor every corner of this incredible villa.

nordic xmas decor

Twigs and candles on the window. Mix and match chairs for the dinning table, we can spot some Eames and Thornet chairs with and without armrest.

nordic xmas 1

A vintage baby blue bench from a french flea market showcasing some xmas presents. A start made out of twigs some greens and candles, with wooden deers,such a great touch for your window.

nordic xmas 2

details, details, details…it’s all in the details.

nordic xmas 3

Wrapping done out of left over papers.

nordic xmas 4

Beautiful tree with candles.

nordic xmas 5

The chandelier it’s been replaced by mistletoe for xmas season. A vintage bench serves as a coffee table decorated with some candles and a wreath. Table decor with leafs and flowers; small tree shaped wooden figures… just perfect, simple and balance.

Photos via: Bo Bedre

Arne Letters.

Few week ago I wrote about Danish architect- designer, Arne Jacobsen. I did forget to mention that he also created typography for Aarhus City Hall. In 1937 he created a typeface that still looks contemporary today and is without a doubt absolutely gorgeous. Today you can drink and eat his letters, figuratively. The typeface has been revived to decorate porcelain plates and mugs that you can purchase over here.

Arne Typeface

Schermata 11 2455868 alle 21 25 56 550x384

Arne typeface mugs 2

Arne mugs


Photos via:

Arttiles obsesses with tiles

The best way to combine functionality with art could be Arttile, a company producing ceramic titles expressing individuality, art and creativity. I couldn’t help to notice this highly creative product that functions as art and a kitchen wall, or bathroom wall or a counter!  Multiple uses of titles makes this form of expression fun and functional. Arttile was created by Anette Normark and Trine Galschiot in Copenhagen, Denmark. I absolutely love it! I think it’s an incredible idea, I believe it looks gorgeous in any home, showing personality and unexpected decor. Enjoy!

Arttile kitchen wall


Art wall with Arttile


Photos via: Arttiles

Batik Wallpaper

Batik is an Indonesian-Malay word, refer to the technique of dyeing fabric or cloth by making use of a resist technique. Despite the fact that batik was originally created elsewhere, Indonesia is considered the place where batik reached it’s highest artistic expression, more specifically Java. Tine-K batik’s wallpaper is a great example of how to westernize a technique of over a thousand years. I absolutely love this new creation that embraces new uses of arts and crafts from ancient times. Wallpaper batik, a gorgeous extension of an amazing technique.






Photos via: TineK

The Wishbone Chair by Wegner (1914-2007). Design Lesson 1.4

Another iconic design from a danish designer; the Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner. He was born in Denmark in 1914, at the age of 22 he attended the school of Arts and Craft in Copenhagen. After school he assisted Arne Jacobsen until 1943, designing the Arhus Town Hall. After that he opened his own office and launch the beginning of a series of chairs that will be part of history forever. His intense danish need to simplify the forms was a catalyst for the creation of Wegner’ chairs. Also the creator for the Round Chair, called the most beautiful chair by the america interior magazine in 1950. The Wishbone Chair was created in 1950, it is considered his most successful design. Wegner die in Copenhagen, January 2007 at the age of 92.

wishbone chair by wegner


wishbone chair by wegner 2

Photos via: Danish Design, Suite NY

Bloomingville 2012 Spring Collection

Another Danish obsession of mine! Here are some photos from the new catalog for 2012 collection. I love the way every object is placed on each shot. The color palette is just perfect, so soothing and rich at the same time. If you want to see a video of how was made go to Bloomingville.  I will highly recommended. Enjoy these photos to get some ideas, maybe you start a project for the weekend around your nest. Have a great weekend folks!


Bloomingville storage

Bloomingville storage 2

Bloomingville table

Bloomingville detail

Stacking your mags on top of an old bench, looks organize and you keep them off the floor!

Bloomingville table 2

Few ideas to store your pencils using vintage jars.

Bloomingville lamp

An acrylic storage for your utensils on a vintage cabinet is a nice mix of old and new! you can get your acrylic organizer at MUJI.

Bloomingville chair

I absolutely love this photo, having medium size figures in white make them less intricate and add some texture to your home.

Bloomingville mugs

I need that mug rack like yesterday!

Bloomingville drawers

Numbers, numbers, numbers, they can be decor as well!

Photos via: Bloomingville.

RUM mag new interiors I love.

Everything about this space is perfect, the windows, the cement floors, the vintage chairs and the openness of the floor plan. It is a nice combination of industrial and vintage. I would not mind having a place like this, specially for those windows, aren’t they just amazing?

RUM magazine interiors

This bedroom is from a beautiful house in some place in Denmark. The bedspread is from Africa and the little side table adds a touch of Moroccan flair to the mix. The blanket by the fireplace with the geometric figures is a well known brand from Sweden called KLIPPAN. I love this room, specially that beautiful beige bedspread brought from Africa, God, I am going to go to Africa just for that reason!

Everything is beautifully quaint, elegant yet artistic and bold. It is spacious and light, which gives a bright and airy feel to the room. But how you use the space using your interior is the important thing; selecting the perfect furnishings to compliment the space is what makes a place unique and well thought over. Having a big window is a stunning asset to any room, but some people might worry it might not be safe. To protect their home, people install double-glazing to their windows, buy home insurance or draw the curtains when they go out, to prevent others looking inside After all, if you care about your home, it seems sensible to protect it.

RUM magazine interiors

White floors anyone?, I can’t get enough of these white floors, amazing for brightening a space and making it sooo neat! I love the combination of styles in this space;  African, French bistro, vintage, Nordic! all of them! great!!!!

RUM magazine interiors

This room above and the one below are very modern Nordic styles with mix in chairs raging from Ikea to Eames. When you mix good affordable Ikea with nice expensive Eames the results are quite impressive. Not every little single object in your home must cost a fortune to make it look hip and stylish.

RUM magazine interiors

I love white floors, (like you didn’t already know) but if I can get white wood ceilings even better. Check out this two simply perfect white rooms using a mix of old and new. I can spot a nice orange vintage fiberglass Eames combined with a very simple shelving unit in the back, perfect you see! Adding inexpensive elements to your room is not such a bad idea after all.

RUM magazine interiorsPhotos via: RUM

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