Vintage Christmas decor and party tips

I ran into a new online magazine “Billie” that had the most beautiful photos and inspiration for these holidays. I hope you guys will appreciate this very simple and naive way of decorating your home. I personally find it exquisite and sensible. I love it! My recent post had some inspiration for this simple, natural look. Here I would like to share some more so you can see how simple it is and what an incredible change of atmosphere can bring to your home these holidays.

vintage decor for ChristmasLighting is everything, low light for a holiday party is a key factor for your success and people wanting to stay. So keep it low, add some touches like this watercolor painting wrapped in a old mirror at a table, it would set the tone for a cozy lovely night.

Vintage decor for ChristmasMore natural touches for your mantel, get some pine cones, antlers and a dried wreath, mix it with some vintage tea lights and fresh flowers, so simple and yet so beautiful.

vintage Christmas Decor ideasAnother very efficient way to change the atmosphere of a room is to put in some flowers arrangements. Mix few blooms with wild greens with no organization, it will give your space some drama and personality. This step is as simple as placing an order at, and can bring a completely new vibe to your home interior. Naturally, your plants won’t last forever, but whether it’s putting an arrangement in a vase as a table center piece, adorning a countertop with a few orchids, or even keeping a potted, indoor tree in the corner, plants can become central elements these holidays.

vintage Christmas decor 4
Absolutely love the old bottle covered with wax for the food table, the napkins with that nordic design is just perfect, combining vintage plus modern and practical for a good party. Always combine food with lots of colors like peppers with goat cheese , red and white. Or grapes and nuts, green and brown. You’ll end up with a very colorful table, always when you think on what to serve for food think of colors. I’ll make the range come out naturally if you mixed it up.
vintage christmas decor ideas 6
Set a stay with everything you need to mix a good cocktail, simple like vodka tonic and add some candy canes to bring the holidays in this spot of the party.
vintage christmas decor 7
A nice simple and good pizza can be enough for a filling dinner if accompanied with nice appetizers and good wine.
vintage christmas decor 8
If you happen to have a fireplace add some Christmas decor around it. Love these vintage soldiers giving a touch of red to the corner.
Happy Holidays folks! Enjoy your holidays with lots of love and good food! I will be posting soon…xoxo
Photos via: Billie Magazine

Christmas the nordic way…

It’s almost Christmas and what better way to get ready for it than get some inspiration from our beloved nordic people. This villa outside Copenhagen shows a Christmas decor a bit desaturated and full of nostalgia. I am in love with the earth tones and the vintage pieces that decor every corner of this incredible villa.

nordic xmas decor

Twigs and candles on the window. Mix and match chairs for the dinning table, we can spot some Eames and Thornet chairs with and without armrest.

nordic xmas 1

A vintage baby blue bench from a french flea market showcasing some xmas presents. A start made out of twigs some greens and candles, with wooden deers,such a great touch for your window.

nordic xmas 2

details, details, details…it’s all in the details.

nordic xmas 3

Wrapping done out of left over papers.

nordic xmas 4

Beautiful tree with candles.

nordic xmas 5

The chandelier it’s been replaced by mistletoe for xmas season. A vintage bench serves as a coffee table decorated with some candles and a wreath. Table decor with leafs and flowers; small tree shaped wooden figures… just perfect, simple and balance.

Photos via: Bo Bedre

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