Pastel forward!

Saving daylight is here meaning you were probably late for work today… no, meaning we are closer to Spring and we need some pastels in our life! That’s right! So, I am happy to present to you the Condesa Chair and Acapulco Chair made by hand in Mexico from a sustainable studio based in Denmark named OK Design. This iconic chair is been around in patios all around america from a long long time. But now it’s been revived in beautiful pastel colors and in the irreplaceable white.


Condesa Chair

Iconic Condesa Chair all in white.

Ok Designs

More designs from the studio using PVC plastic cord.

Condesa Chair

The also iconic Acapulco Chair in pastel blue. Adorable!

Condesa chair4

Condesa Chair in pink in the process of being made by artisan in the Mexico studio.

Photos Via: OK Design

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