Palm Springs groove

The Ace Hotel in Palm Spring California is a great combination of mid century design with a pinch of bohemian aroma and a touch of ethnic spice. Now that Coachella is approaching I would totally pair up the experience staying at the Ace Hotel. I always been in love with Palm Spring magic, what I love about this place is that can help you get so many ideas in how to come back home and make some purging, simplify your space and sleek it up with a simple mexican throw or a vintage signage or just one letter. This experience is going on my wish list for 2013. Enjoy.

Ace Hotel Entrance

Ace Hotel Lounge

Ace Hotel Dinner

Ace Hotel Room 1

Ace Hotel room 2

ace hotel room 3


Photos via: Wallpaper, Paper, Sunset.

Del Popolo or better TO THE PEOPLE

This food truck embraces the whole meaning of gourmet food at reach. Named “Del Popolo” meaning “To the People”, this food truck serves authentic Neapolitan stone baked pizza in a total new way, never leaving out a sophisticated design now found on the streets of California. I love the simplicity of the logo and the clean architectural shapes of Del Popolo truck, his creator Jon Darsky did really accomplished the simplicity and beauty of Neapolitan pizza, giving the people an experience of design and great taste reminiscent of old good tasty italy.

Jon Darsky Del PopoloFYWL6

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL2

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL3

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL3

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL4

Photos via: Del Popolo, Yatzer

Airstream Classic

Travelling the Californian Coast on a vintage Airstream pulled by a Scout truck is a real treat. Everything about this unique Airstream assembled in Montana has to do with good design. Although you might think to look cool you have to put up with some discomfort this is actually not true when we are talking about the classic Airstream trailer; and more so with this one in particular.The inside of this Airstream mixes Indian American touches of textiles with hardwood floors, vintage stove and wooden cabinets!  This is a real “guy dream” came true. It’s a very masculine space that any guy would love to have. I loved visiting my friend and spending time inside this beauty, I invite you to take a look inside and have a Montana adventure in the Californian Coast.



Airstream Interior

IMG 2112

Airstream collage

Airstream Interior

Airstream Interior

Airstream Interior detail

International Scout Truck

Scout Truck+Airstream

Photos via: My Iphone 4G

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