Barcelona in White

I miss Barcelona; my lovely cousin, vermouths and beautiful apartments with great mosaic floors. It is quite nice and rare to find an apartment with mosaic floors with pale tones and shades of white, like in this case. I love the simplicity of the space. You really don’t need much furniture when you have windows like these, mosaic floors and don’t forget…LIGHT. Even though it’s hard to believe this is a luxury that it is rare to find in Barcelona. Think about it, old buildings were designed up to six and seven floors tall along very narrow streets not allowing the light to enter. :( But let’ not be sad. You can still find beauties like this one! Enjoy!

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 4

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 5

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 7

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 10

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 12

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 13

Photos via: Decoist


New Candle Ideas for this Christmas

This is my first post on Xmas. I am a little late with the holiday spirit, but never too late when I can share with you amazing candles ideas and Decor for Xmas!! I love candles, who doesn’t right? the more the merrier!!! This weekend I ran into one of the oldest candle store in Spain. It is called Cereria Subira (Candle store)  from 1761. The place itself is more like a luxurious theater entrance and the variety of candles it’s incredible. I was very fond of particularly these realistic candles collection imitating ball of yarn and spools of threads made by hand. I also found a new finish called “polychrome” similar to porcelain recreating russian dolls, rabbits, etc. I was so excited to see these new creations and so happy I can share the xmas spirit here with this post. Yo can try to carve one ball of yarn from a big brown candle, if you have the time and patience, I think it would be a great craft project. For now fill yourself with creative energy and look at these beautiful creations.

Subira Candle Store in Barcelona

Entrance at Cereria Subira, Barcelona, Spain.

Decorative Candles from Europe

Polychrome angel candle, owl and pinecone candles

Decorative Candles from Europe

Russian dolls polychrome candles, sweater candle and spool of thread candles

Candle's Russian dolls

Russian dolls candles in red and blue (photo with Lomo effect)

Glossy rabbit candle

Polychrome rabbit candle in white

Spool of thread candle

Spools of thread candles

ball of yarn candle

Ball of yarn candle and cable knit style candle

Ball of Yarn Candle

Ball of white yarn

owl candle, trunk silver candle

Collage of pics: owls candles – glittering silver logs candles – xmas tree with flowers candle – Cereria front store – Cereria inside store.

Photos via: My Iphone G4

Caelum cafe: a heaven in the heart of Barcelona

Cafe Caelum in Barcelona

Cafe Caelum in Barcelona upstairsCafe Caelum in Barcelona upstairsdessert table in Caelum Cafe

dessert table in Caelum Cafe

Cafe Caelum in BarcelonaCafe Caelum in Barcelona This beautiful cafe in the heart of the Gothic town is a jewel in disguised, it is by far my  favorite place in Barcelona. This is a place where I enjoyed great  conversations with special girlfriends and also with my mother. I mostly love the decor; the structure is just perfect, an original Jewish bath, combine with wood floors and white furniture. The dessert tables are dressed with french style table cloths in off white color and the vintage cake stands are all different, just perfect. The downstairs is completely medieval, all stone walls with no windows. The entire place is lit with iron candelabras making an atmosphere so cozy that for the first time in my life I love to go to the downstairs section of a place; for the winter time this is the perfect place to go relax and enjoy a fancy afternoon with an special friend. I have to say that the food is equally amazing, you have a great variety of teas, wine, champagne and small salty goodies and an unbelievable range of sweets typical Spanish, you can also get the same goodies at their store section where you can find a very complete menu of cookies made by monks and nuns from around Spain; you can also find a range of elixirs in many sizes. This is heaven as its name says it, Caelum means heaven in Latin, and I hope to be back here soon.

Photos via: my Iphone 4G

Hostal Empuries-a nordic experience in the mediterranean

I  went on the perfect getaway vacation before the start of high season this summer and stayed here for a night. I was amazed, exited and inspired with the spaces, the Nordic decoration, with that beach look, the old tile floors, the walls’ muted color, the vintage furniture and the chessboard floors. This Hostal (more a fancy boutique hotel to be fair) end up being the best place I’ve been so far in Spain,  it’s only an hour away from Barcelona, it makes you feel like you are back in time – in a dreamy land far far away. Its style is amazing and the architecture fits organically with the natural environment which surrounds it. Hostal Empuries was built in the 1900 to lodge the archaeologists working in the Roman-Greek ruins found here. If you take a small walk along the Hostal’s coastline you will run into; ruins, coves and the pine trees. This place is magical. I came back here last weekend and took these photos to share with you. So far one of my favorite things about Spain.

Hostal Empuries-Costa Brava, Spain

Hostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainHostal Empuries-Costa Brava, SpainPhotos via: My 4G Iphone

Gaudi’s Tile Collage

Color combination is a hard topic, at least for me! There are many books on the subject, yet in spite of this, I always find  it hard to work with the color wheel.  I always try to go with my hunch when it comes to combining color, but to have good hunches you always need to be training your eye, looking for combinations everywhere you go;  in the buildings, the sidewalks, at the movies, in the food you eat, etc. Always keep your eyes cultured and well trained. I happened to visit Park Guell in Barcelona few days ago and beside its amazing architecture and organic structure I started to look into Gaudi’s famous collage work, made by little pieces of  beautiful  hand-painted tiles. Seems atrocious that he picked beautiful hand painted tiles and broke them into pieces, only  to rework them into a beautiful mosaic, but maybe the tiles were broken already and he just put them to a great use. Whatever the tecnic he used, it’s an amazing work of color combination and it is here for you to enjoy, a little bit of it, if you happen NOT to be in Barcelona. Use some of the colors that you see combined here and put them together in a room or in a mood board if you like. Here are some pictures to keep those eyes in line!

Park Guell mosaicbarcelona park Guell mosaicGaudi, Park Guell mosaicPhotos via: my Photos via: my Iphone G4

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