Poom Din Shop: Folk Art Products from Thailand

Poom Din is very unique store in Bangkok, fill with color and many treasures. Tangnet is the owner and creator of this store, she makes some of the folk art sold here. You can see her studio beside the counter, fill with pieces of wood, poms-poms, ribbons of colors and great pieces of fabric. She carves the wood to put together the most lovely kids’ mobiles of animals with great creativity; flying horses, pigs on planes and funny rabbits; her style is so free that makes you smile. She also carves the logo store on stamps to make the tags as shown in the photos. Some stamps are sold here with different illustrations. Every element used in Tangnet creations comes from different parts of Thailand; the east, some the tribes in the north that she goes there personally to learn the techniques and work with the people. She also sells great pieces of vintage clothing and craft from other thai artists.

thai textiles

Above: textiles from northern Thailand, you can also find vintage cushion’s slipcovers  recovered by Tangnet.

Tangnet's own creations

This wood carved mobiles are by far the cutest most unique pieces of decor for a baby’s room I’ve seen in a long time. Simple, rustic and with the thai touch of color! Tangnet makes each of these animals by hand, then putting together with other elements a beautiful garland of flying animals.

Tangnet's Keychains

The keychain are also hand made by Tangnet mixing different folk elements from different thai tribes; she personally goes there work with the artisan and selects the material, it takes a lot of effort and patience to build one of each of these pieces.

Tangnet's KeychainsThai tribes' techniques

Above: Some photos displayed in the store to show how the materials of folk art are built in the tribes.

recycled bags

She also have great variety of recycled bags.

thai decorationsthai decorationsThe store decor is also very unique and one of a kind; they are objects Tangnet finds at Thai festivals, second had markets and family treasures.

you can visit her store at:

Poom Din Shop. Jatujak Weekend Market. Section 4Soi(3) 51/2 No. 279 Near toilet No. 4:BBK, Thailand.

Photos via: My Canon G12

bacc: Bangkok arts and culture center

One of my favorite places to visit in Bangkok was the Center of Arts and Culture. The first thing I saw was this great graffiti/wall painting exhibit that made the entire building a canvas for  self expression. 16 artists (P7, Yuree, ZIDS, Mamafaka, cider, Never, May-T, 01, Tawan, Narissara, Rukkit, Miss Ink, Logan Bay, Wanapracha, TRK, Space Limo.) were invited to paint over the walls of the center ,which structure resembles a snail shell. My lovely discovery this time was this artist which caught my eye and love since that day, her name is Narissara Pienwimungsa, she singed her work as nariss, her work is being shown in many galleries around Bangkok. My photos were a little undercover since cameras are not allowed in the premises (so please shhhh).

Narissara Pienwimungsa thai artistbacc bangkok art and culture centerThese photo collage is via: bacc website, the rest of the photos are my personal ones.

Narissara Pienwimungsa thai artist

Close up of work of Narissara Pienwimungsa at bacc

Narissara Pienwimungsa thai artist

More  Narissara Pienwimungsa’s workNarissara Pienwimungsa thai artist

Artist still working on exhibit FOR wallpainting 2.

entrance at the bacc: Bangkok art and culture center

Who said technology is not art?  Here the biggest qr-code I’ve seen, the coolest and guess what? it works of course!

close up of qr-code: Bangkok art and culture center

Close up of qr-code graphicsqr-code-baccTry to take a picture of this 3D qr-code and see by yourself how beautifully it works!


recycled stuffed animal's sofa at bacc

No words to express the  flash back childhood memories I had when I ran into this sofa made out of recycled stuffed animals including Snoopy and the amazing Hello Kitty. I even found attached to it the Hello Kitty’s father; amazing work, this is the kind of piece that makes a space totally unique. This sofa is placed in a small store that sells only recycled bags in the shops section at bacc, so it really is right in theme with the product line and simply lovable. I did not sit on it, but I bet they use it with no reservations.
recycled stuffed animal's sofaWhat I loved the most is the majority of Hello Kitties you can find in this sofa, so far I counted 30!, how many can you find? never enough, i wuold say… never enough

recycled stuffed animal's sofa

Photos via: my Canon G12

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