Eeron Saarinen. Lesson No. 5

One of the most influencial architects in the 20th century in the U.S. has to be Eeron Saarinen. Finnish born arrived in the U.S at the age of 13. He studied at the Cranbrook Academy of Arts in Michigan where his father also taught. Some of his colleagues were Charles and Ray Eames. After the Academy Eeron studied architecture at Yale School of Architecture. He was defined as an organic architect with the use of natural and simple curves; his designs are very sensual and organic. He not only designed amazing structures like the TWA Flight Center in John F. Kennedy International Airport and the Gateway Arch in Saint Luis, he also designed beautiful pieces of furniture that are today coveted by many. Among those designs my favorite ones have to be the Tulip table with marble top and the Tulip chair.

EeroSaarinen CharlesEamesEeron and Eames.

EeroSaarinen TWAflightCenterTWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy Int. Airport designed by Eeron Saarinen.

EeroSaarinen homeofficeEeron at his home office with the Tulip chair.

EeroSaarinen picassoPablo Picasso at his studio seating on a Tulip Chair designed by Eeron Saarinen.

EeroSaarinen CharlesEames2The Tulip table accompanied by two Eames chairs.

EeroSaarinen seatingA seating designed by Eeron Saarinen. One of my all time favorites designs.

Photos via: Life Magazines, Aqua-velvet, Modern Design, Archiexpo, Design-Moderne, ehomee.

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