Artist in Residence

Miso, an artist from the Ukraine, sublet this apartment in Melbourne, Australia. I love the shots of the details, the walls in itself are an inspiration. Seeing an artist creating is always uplifting, good energy to surround us with. To see more of her work see here.




Photos via: miso

Skin’s Tales

I’ve never been into tattoos. I always believed the skin itself contains many stories told in codes through birthmarks, the constellation of freckles or the simple line folds that seems maps of an uncertain land. Simplicity at its best. But, I do appreciate the art of tattooing, I had few dear friends that embraces the art and I had gotten to appreciate it even more. But if I would ever adventure into the tattoo culture I think these examples would be perfect and exactly what it would feel right up my alley! I found these simple tattoos whimsical add ons for your skin’s tales.


constelation tattoo

constelation tattoo2

Photos via: miso

Amsterdam Spring

I found this apartment in Amsterdam with pretty much all the elements that I’ve been talking about the past month welcoming the Spring 2013: The forever white canvas apartment type, the splashes of pastels and spots of vivid colors here and there, the incredible amounts of light and vintage pieces, also the chairs from famous and loved designers like Saarinen and Eames.


Amsterdamhome3Chairs from Eames and Saarinen.


Amsterdamhome5I want those towels!!!! they are perfect against the neutrals

Amsterdamhome1Love these wall collages, they are all so inspiring and interesting to look at.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Photos via:

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my folks! I wish you a weekend full of love and creativity! I would like to share few things with unique Easter spirit to start a great weekend!

nordic bunnyNordic Bunny! This is my kinda bunny!

eggshell candlesI love this idea, so simple and so beautiful, just fill some eggshells with wax and a wick. You can make them in pastels! Adorable. Kids would love this! I would.

bunny coatThe bunny coat! The most endearing coat I’ve seen for kids in a long time!

Mason Jars PAintedPainted and distressed Mason Jars! this is a super easy DIY for the weekend! So cute!

Bunny alphabetThe bunny alphabet!! I love this illustration on bamboo for a kid’s room.


Have a great weekend!!


Ferm Living: Nostalgic Pastels

Continuing on a Pastel note, I ran into the new Ferm-Living catalog, which, is full of pastels tones and nostalgia. Ahhh.. great combination of colors bringing the new breeze of march full of emotions and memories from lost childhoods and new ones to come. I have never seen feeling and art direction win over the hard sell mentality of the “product integrity” or “make the logo bigger!”. Finally a catalog with delightful washed out tones and lighting that interferes with the original product making it closer to art and not to advertising. I personally would shop more often if I was exposed to this kind of end result between design and art direction. Love it! Of course it had to be from Denmark.. not surprised about that! Enjoy.


Ferm4Wall  Stickers to do your own arrangement.

Ferm3Gorgeous kid’s wall.

Ferm5I am in love with this wallpaper and the wall lights are adorable!


Ferm1Total wallpaper nostalgia! Can’t get more 70′ tthat this!

Ferm2Great wallpaper with the stripe tent and the washed out lighting filter makes it even more dreamy.

Photos via: Ferm-Living

Eeron Saarinen. Lesson No. 5

One of the most influencial architects in the 20th century in the U.S. has to be Eeron Saarinen. Finnish born arrived in the U.S at the age of 13. He studied at the Cranbrook Academy of Arts in Michigan where his father also taught. Some of his colleagues were Charles and Ray Eames. After the Academy Eeron studied architecture at Yale School of Architecture. He was defined as an organic architect with the use of natural and simple curves; his designs are very sensual and organic. He not only designed amazing structures like the TWA Flight Center in John F. Kennedy International Airport and the Gateway Arch in Saint Luis, he also designed beautiful pieces of furniture that are today coveted by many. Among those designs my favorite ones have to be the Tulip table with marble top and the Tulip chair.

EeroSaarinen CharlesEamesEeron and Eames.

EeroSaarinen TWAflightCenterTWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy Int. Airport designed by Eeron Saarinen.

EeroSaarinen homeofficeEeron at his home office with the Tulip chair.

EeroSaarinen picassoPablo Picasso at his studio seating on a Tulip Chair designed by Eeron Saarinen.

EeroSaarinen CharlesEames2The Tulip table accompanied by two Eames chairs.

EeroSaarinen seatingA seating designed by Eeron Saarinen. One of my all time favorites designs.

Photos via: Life Magazines, Aqua-velvet, Modern Design, Archiexpo, Design-Moderne, ehomee.

Condesa DF

Let’s embrace color, let’s get ready for Spring. Check this incredible Hotel in Mexico City called Condesa DF. I stayed here few years ago, and I was mesmerized by the brave used of color. Turquoise is the main color around this incredible space making everything dance in harmony and vibrancy. The rooms are so inviting that you might feel is just an amazing home not a hotel we are looking at. So no more to say, look at it, let these colors inspired you.

 condesa df mexico city  1

La barra” best place to enjoy a cocktail before dinner.

Condesa DF hotel 2

Best breakfast I ever had. From fresh cheeses to marmalades, natural juices, fresh tortillas and more.

HotelCondesaDF 3

This room seems to belong to a quaint house in the mexican city neighborhood Condesa DF.

condesa df 4


Beautiful matching shelves and wall color, just simply perfection.

 Condesa DF Hotel Exterior 1

Condesa DF, a neighborhood where boutiques, art galleries and tacos merged.

Photos via: CNTraveler, Orbitz, Discover-deliver, Flickr.


Pastel forward!

Saving daylight is here meaning you were probably late for work today… no, meaning we are closer to Spring and we need some pastels in our life! That’s right! So, I am happy to present to you the Condesa Chair and Acapulco Chair made by hand in Mexico from a sustainable studio based in Denmark named OK Design. This iconic chair is been around in patios all around america from a long long time. But now it’s been revived in beautiful pastel colors and in the irreplaceable white.


Condesa Chair

Iconic Condesa Chair all in white.

Ok Designs

More designs from the studio using PVC plastic cord.

Condesa Chair

The also iconic Acapulco Chair in pastel blue. Adorable!

Condesa chair4

Condesa Chair in pink in the process of being made by artisan in the Mexico studio.

Photos Via: OK Design

Barcelona in White

I miss Barcelona; my lovely cousin, vermouths and beautiful apartments with great mosaic floors. It is quite nice and rare to find an apartment with mosaic floors with pale tones and shades of white, like in this case. I love the simplicity of the space. You really don’t need much furniture when you have windows like these, mosaic floors and don’t forget…LIGHT. Even though it’s hard to believe this is a luxury that it is rare to find in Barcelona. Think about it, old buildings were designed up to six and seven floors tall along very narrow streets not allowing the light to enter. :( But let’ not be sad. You can still find beauties like this one! Enjoy!

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 4

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 5

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 7

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 10

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 12

White Renovated Apartment in Barcelona 13

Photos via: Decoist


Color my floors

This beautiful work comes from GROOPPO Architecture Studio in Italy. I am a lover of white floors, but that’s the reason why I am so impressed with this project, because it really makes me rethink the idea of having some color tiles in my home instead. The tile work in this project is a chromatic master piece. If you are thinking on refurbishing some rooms I will suggest some tiles floors with these soft palette of colors. I assured you you wont get bored of looking at them, I actually think the will make your beautiful memories get pressed into your mind with more color.

grooppo home leaving room

grooppo project leaving room2

grooppo project kitchen

grooppo home bathroom

Grooppo Home 1

Grooppo Home 2

Grooppo Home Studio

Photos via: Grooppo

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