Batik Wallpaper

Batik is an Indonesian-Malay word, refer to the technique of dyeing fabric or cloth by making use of a resist technique. Despite the fact that batik was originally created elsewhere, Indonesia is considered the place where batik reached it’s highest artistic expression, more specifically Java. Tine-K batik’s wallpaper is a great example of how to westernize a technique of over a thousand years. I absolutely love this new creation that embraces new uses of arts and crafts from ancient times. Wallpaper batik, a gorgeous extension of an amazing technique.






Photos via: TineK

white white kitchens

I absolutely love white floors! I found these three inspiring white kitchen spaces that combine white floors and kitchen for you to enjoy. Distress white floors, white brick walls and white cabinets can actually work very well together. These kitchen are stunning and functional at the same time.


Eclectic kitchen with lots of textures and lots of charm!


Incredible vintage table that works as a kitchen work surface area and dining table at the same time.  gorgeous space!


…simple and enchanting! A dreamy mix of vintage and moroccan styles!


Photos via: house to home

Mugs with animal inspirations

Nature is there to inspire us all, an what a better example for that statement that these animal mugs created by different artist from different countries; Ange-line Tetrault from Canada and Kinto from Japan. There is a saying that goes: Great minds think alike. Well that might be truth. I just wanted to share this with you, hope you folks enjoy your weekend. Always be alert for what it surrounds you, spend a little time in nature this weekend, and let nature inspires you. Happy Weekend!


animal mugs


Photos via: Kinto, Ange-line Tetrault.

Scandinavian furnishings to love

Hi all, I’m Susi, a writer for, a fabulous social media site where you can browse through tens of thousands of photos from designers from around the world. Speaking of design from around the world, I’m really excited to be visiting Yosune this week. I loved the post about weaving in Thailand; those fabrics were gorgeous.† For my guest post we’re traveling north to Scandinavia and looking at Scandinavian furnishings and decorating ideas to love.† Here are some of my favorite rooms stylishly filled with Scandinavian furnishings.† Hope you enjoy! Thanks for letting me and Design Shuffle visit!

Scandinavian Interior Design

Dwell via

Scandinavian furnishings have clean lines and simple colorways that let the materials be the stars. Lots of natural light woods are highlights of Scandinavian homes and design.

Scandinavian Interior Design

The Happy Home via

A mix of white and natural wood furniture in a predominately white room is typical of Scandinavian furnishings. Comfortable and functional furnishings stand out for their clean lines and simple materials.

Mid-Century Scandinavian Design

Stadshem via

Vintage Mid-Century modern Scandinavian furnishings are very desirable and collectible. Collectively known as Danish Modern, these pieces look as modern today as they did fifty years ago.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Stadshem via

Glossy white surfaces fill this contemporary Scandinavian kitchen design. Love the antique white cabinet mixed with the more contemporary furnishings like the sleek dining chairs and contemporary interpretation of a farmhouse table.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Stadshem via

Love the mix of contemporary, modern and farmhouse in this Scandinavian kitchen. White painted chairs are a more traditional type Scandinavian furnishing, while the lighting is sleek and contemporary. A great mix!

Vintage Scandinavian Design

Pinterest via

More white and natural wood furnishings fill this Scandinavian style living room. The youthful mix of vintage and handcrafted pieces with modern art is a great example of Scandinavian style.

Animal Scandinavian Decor

The Happy Home via

Decorative accents like hand-knitted pillows and throws, sheepskins and charming antlered animal patterns are typical of Scandinavian style.† Antlers and other natural elements add a touch of the outdoors typical of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Scandinavian Dining Room Design

Living Agency via

This open plan living space is filled with stylish white Scandinavian furnishings and amazing decorating ideas. Bentwood chairs, slipcovered chairs and sofa are classic pieces. Open shelving and quirky lights give the space a casual feeling.
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RUM mag new interiors I love.

Everything about this space is perfect, the windows, the cement floors, the vintage chairs and the openness of the floor plan. It is a nice combination of industrial and vintage. I would not mind having a place like this, specially for those windows, aren’t they just amazing?

RUM magazine interiors

This bedroom is from a beautiful house in some place in Denmark. The bedspread is from Africa and the little side table adds a touch of Moroccan flair to the mix. The blanket by the fireplace with the geometric figures is a well known brand from Sweden called KLIPPAN. I love this room, specially that beautiful beige bedspread brought from Africa, God, I am going to go to Africa just for that reason!

Everything is beautifully quaint, elegant yet artistic and bold. It is spacious and light, which gives a bright and airy feel to the room. But how you use the space using your interior is the important thing; selecting the perfect furnishings to compliment the space is what makes a place unique and well thought over. Having a big window is a stunning asset to any room, but some people might worry it might not be safe. To protect their home, people install double-glazing to their windows, buy home insurance or draw the curtains when they go out, to prevent others looking inside After all, if you care about your home, it seems sensible to protect it.

RUM magazine interiors

White floors anyone?, I can’t get enough of these white floors, amazing for brightening a space and making it sooo neat! I love the combination of styles in this space;  African, French bistro, vintage, Nordic! all of them! great!!!!

RUM magazine interiors

This room above and the one below are very modern Nordic styles with mix in chairs raging from Ikea to Eames. When you mix good affordable Ikea with nice expensive Eames the results are quite impressive. Not every little single object in your home must cost a fortune to make it look hip and stylish.

RUM magazine interiors

I love white floors, (like you didn’t already know) but if I can get white wood ceilings even better. Check out this two simply perfect white rooms using a mix of old and new. I can spot a nice orange vintage fiberglass Eames combined with a very simple shelving unit in the back, perfect you see! Adding inexpensive elements to your room is not such a bad idea after all.

RUM magazine interiorsPhotos via: RUM

Biaugust!! Do you know these guys?

If you haven’t heard of them, let me introduced you.  Owen Chuang and Cloud Lu returned to Taiwan after studying design in Japan to start their design company  called “Biaugust” in 2005, since then they have been reviewed in many magazines around the world. These bottles are called “Draining Away”, they are made out of silicone, you can use them as vases filled with; water, pencils, flowers or even tealights. Love the versatility of these bottles!

draining away bottlesPhotos via: Biaugust

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