Casa del Agua

I have not seen branding at its highest in a long time, until I ran into this incredible water factory in Puebla, Mexico. I am in love with the way they handled the branding, the interior design and the product itself. Who would it thought that something so essential like WATER could be so hip and with a vintage twist. It is in fact a luxury, since as CASA DEL AGUA states WE ARE MADE OUT OF WATER, so why not get the best? Indeed, they put together a high quality product from the creation using local sources and purifying methods that includes a philosophy that belives that water is affected by thoughts. CASA DEL AGUA takes care of that in the process assuring the water is recieving only nurturing, peaceful and loving thoughts in the process. I am not sure if that would make it taste better… But what I am sure of is that that water looks clearly like a piece of great design.


casa del agua

interior casa del agua

interior casa del agua 3

casa del agua logo

Less is always more, simple iconic logo, feels like the good design from the 70′.

design from casa del agua

casa del agua bottle

casa del agua bottle 2

casadel agua interior3

casa del agua branding

Branding at its best.. in my opinion. :)


Photos via: CASA DEL AGUA


One Fine Stay

Can you imagine spending few days in these amazing spaces? Well, you can. It’s all about vacationing with personality. No more sterile hotels with very little warm, this is the new way of traveling. One Fine Stay makes that possible, staying in beautiful apartments in London or NY when the homes are empty, on top of it yo will be treated with the best linens from The White Companyin London and toiletries from Kiehl’s, they also provide you with an IPhone with tips from the owner’s house and maps to key places in the city. What else can you ask for… In times where London it is my favorite place to visit…Christmas time, consider One Fine Stay as your new lodging solution to a luxurious unforgettable stay.

4th Avenue Union Square apartment

4th Avenue Union Square apartment 2

4th Avenue Union Square apartment 34th Union Square Apartment.

Thurloe Square South Kensington apartment

Thurloe Square South Kensington apartment2

Thurloe Square South Kensington apartment 3Thurloe Square South Kensington Apartment.

Princelet Street Apartment

Princelet Street Apartment.

Photos via: One Fine Stay

Bar & CO. Restaurant, Finland

An incredible example of nordic design, architecture and decor. Bar & CO Restaurant was designed by Joanna Laajisto an interior architect that lived and studied in the West Coast of the US and decided to go back home in Finland to work. Her works are a mixed of relax spaces and elegance. She used common vintage objects like copper cake molds and transformed them into tea lights holders, that creativity is what makes a big difference in a space. And for sure this space is different and inviting, I can’t wait to be back in lovely Finland and have an aperitif here.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 1

That is my favorite bookcase display so far! I have to have that one made in my home.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 2

Copper cake molds turned into tea light holders, just perfect.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 3

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 4

Awesome light fixture from Constance Guisset a french touch that enhances the space.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 5

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 6

The used of a french classic like chair “No. 14″ or chair “Thonet” gives a touch of cosmopolitan hang out in downtown Helsinki.

Photos via: Joanna Laajisto

Hotel Flora from Sweden

Hotel Flora is a beautiful boutique hotel located in the city of Goteborg, Sweden. Goteborg is a growing city, second largest in Sweden, where the design and music are setting the new trends all over Europe. I think Hotel Flora reflects the modernity yet warm personality of Goteborg. I love the combination of color and textures used in Hotel Flora, always in perfect balance. Its modern looks never feels cold nonetheless is full of personality and character. This beautiful work of design comes from a swedish design studio called Design by US. A super creative studio with incredibly style and sensibility. Enjoy!

Hotel flora library

R9Y8661 Redigera e1308228440846

Hotel Flora 6889

Hotelflora theflowerroomtwin 590x393

Photos via: Hotel Flora

Del Popolo or better TO THE PEOPLE

This food truck embraces the whole meaning of gourmet food at reach. Named “Del Popolo” meaning “To the People”, this food truck serves authentic Neapolitan stone baked pizza in a total new way, never leaving out a sophisticated design now found on the streets of California. I love the simplicity of the logo and the clean architectural shapes of Del Popolo truck, his creator Jon Darsky did really accomplished the simplicity and beauty of Neapolitan pizza, giving the people an experience of design and great taste reminiscent of old good tasty italy.

Jon Darsky Del PopoloFYWL6

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL2

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL3

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL3

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL4

Photos via: Del Popolo, Yatzer

Royal Cafe Copenhagen

This Cafe/showroom concept store called The Royal Cafe, opened its doors in 2007. They showcase design from Royal Copenhagen, Georg Jensen, Fritz Hansen, Bang & Olufsen, Kvadrat, Carlsberg, Holmegaard etc. The design style varies from classical danish ceramics to modern design furniture in a relax tone. The large windows and the chandeliers makes you feel in a jewelry box. I love the space and the way the old and new is mixed around. The gourmet food celebrates Danish classics and some fusion cuisine. The feel and look of this place is everything but Vanilla. Like the same own owners would call it this place has “a soul of Funky Baroque-design confusion, humorous and chic”.

Royal cafe interiors

You can spot the famous “ANT” chair from Arne Jacobsen; whom we learnt about in our Design class last week.

Royal cafe interiors 2

Incredible classic large sized oil painting of Royal character.

Royal cafe interiors 3

Furniture and “High End” design objects are sold around the Cafe.

Royal cafe interiors 4

Royal cafe food

The exquisite danish hors d’oeuvres.

Royal cafe ceramics

The surroundings of the Cafe are fill with quirky ceramics classics that turn the “high end” design furniture into a  laid back and fun space.

Photos via: THE ROYAL CAFE

Sukha-Amsterdam. Dutch Joy.

Sukha means “joy” in Sanskrit. It is JOY what hit Amsterdam when Sukha, a small department store, opened its doors for the first time a year ago. Sukha space is a place to rejoice and relax from city craziness. Here you will find from clothing, jewelry, pillows, vintage furniture to travel and workshops. They  showcase lots of really unique brands like HOMEMADE,  Zilalila and Ontwerpduo. They also have their own label called: Sukha-Label, which is manufactured almost entirely in India applying fair trade conditions to all their creations. The store in itself is an explosion of creativity; if you need to get inspired, please head over to Sukha if you happen to be in Amsterdam. Sukha is an organic environment full of small details and mix matching vintage and recycled pieces of furniture. Another beautiful touch around the store are the poems that are written on the walls and also printed in postcards, all part of Sukha brand. I thank the Sukha team for their help to make this post happen.

Sukha store interior

I love the way they recreate a teepee in the middle of a department store in neutral colors using a diverse mix of textures. You are actually allowed to go in and read! Photo by Jeltje Janmaat.

Sukha interior 2

Great photo from Sukha space. I love the way everything around it is white, such a sense of peace and joy. You can appreciate in this photo one of my favorite pieces: the birdcage chair from Ontwerpduo. Photo by Jeltje Janmaat.

Sukha Stool

A great stool from HOMEMADE with some vintage blankets also available at Sukha. Photo by Jeltje Janmaat.

sukha shirt

This beautiful knotted shirt belongs to Sukha-Label for the Spring Collection. Photo by Bien Schols.

Sukha postcards

Sukha postcards with naughty poems for you to enjoy, I only wish they were in english too. Photo by Bien Schols.

Photos via: Photographer Jeltje Janmaat and Bien Schols.

Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Jets

Taiwanese Airlines Eva Air announced the new Hello Kitty Jets that will color the skies. I can’t find something more adorable than Hello Kitty in the sky!  Last year I travelled with Eva Air to Taipei. It was my first experience with an Asian Airline and I was so satisfied with this airline. It was incredible, the food, the attention, the roomy airplane, the technology, the price, I loved everything about Eva Air. On the other hand I grew up with Hello Kitty, it was by far my favorite character. The combination of Eva and Hello Kitty is just an incredible idea. Who doesn’t want to have a Hello Kitty experience in the sky!! Finally I have an excuse to enjoy Hello Kitty at its best without the guilt of feeling immature! Thanks Eva Air! Check out the entire Eva Hello Kitty website for booking your next flight to Taipei.

hello kitty plane

close up hello kitty plane

Hello Kitty boarding pass

checking in hello kitty

Hello Kitty Eva Air Jet

Hello Kitty Eva Air Jet

Hello Kitty Eva Air Jet

Hello Kitty Eva Air Jet

Hello Kitty Eva Air Jet interior

Hello Kitty pillows in different colors.

Hello Kitty Eva Air airplane food

Hello Kitty Eva Air airplane food

How cute is this! Hello Kitty Kid meal! I would definitely ask for this one and stewardess with Hello Kitty aprons is the best! I have to get on this plane.

business class hello kitty

Hello Kitty Eva Air coffee

Hello Kitty Eva Air tags

Hello Kitty Eva Air inflight cards

Hello Kitty Eva Air cookies

eva air hello kitty display


See you soon, thanks for stopping by.

Photos via: Eva Air, Designboom


Airstream Classic

Travelling the Californian Coast on a vintage Airstream pulled by a Scout truck is a real treat. Everything about this unique Airstream assembled in Montana has to do with good design. Although you might think to look cool you have to put up with some discomfort this is actually not true when we are talking about the classic Airstream trailer; and more so with this one in particular.The inside of this Airstream mixes Indian American touches of textiles with hardwood floors, vintage stove and wooden cabinets!  This is a real “guy dream” came true. It’s a very masculine space that any guy would love to have. I loved visiting my friend and spending time inside this beauty, I invite you to take a look inside and have a Montana adventure in the Californian Coast.



Airstream Interior

IMG 2112

Airstream collage

Airstream Interior

Airstream Interior

Airstream Interior detail

International Scout Truck

Scout Truck+Airstream

Photos via: My Iphone 4G

Antigua Restaurant in Caracas

An incredible restaurant where the mix of the old world and gourmet food go hand in hand. The decor of Antigua is not an easy task; mixing the latin culture charged with saints, antiques and vivid colors it came out pretty nice this time. The result is a pleasure for the eye, the ambience is elegant with a real cozy feeling from grandam’s home with a twist. I love the bar with religious figures without minding the scale, the vintage mirrors are all over in a way that brings a little light to the dark cozy corners. Every element at Antigua has a story and that’s the beauty of it. What’s best  it’s that you get to enjoy this almost theatrical restaurant without the “thrift store” scent. On the contrary, you will be dazzled by the beautifully presented gourmet dishes and their amazing aroma.

Antigua Restaurant Caracas

Antigua Restaurant Caracas

Antigua Restaurant Caracas

Antigua Restaurant CaracasThe use of the light is very well done. There are plenty of rooms for having a cocktail and feel cozy and private, create by the use of crystal pendant lights;while other parts of the restaurant are filled with natural light for a layback lunch or brunch.

Antigua Restaurant CaracasA delicious bakery in case you want to bring home more of the gourmet desserts Antigua offers.

Antigua Restaurant Caracas

Antigua Restaurant Caracas

The walls are at the main diner are a theatrical display of old books and antiques.

Antigua Restaurant Caracas

Other walls display paintings of saint at many sizes as well as empty vintage frames.

Antigua Restaurant Caracas

Antigua Restaurant Caracas

Antigua Restaurant CaracasYou can even bring home some “pasta fresca”.

Antigua Restaurant CaracasTo make this place even more impressive you can also find palm trees in the inside.

Antigua Restaurant CaracasThe main lounge at Antigua.

Antigua Restaurant Caracas

Antigua Restaurant Caracas

This is my first post from Venezuela, I’m so happy to share it with all of you!

Photos Via: My Canon G12.


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