Add a bit of color this Spring

I have posted about TineK collection recently to show you guys the batik wallpaper that I personally find so incredible. TineK keep everything very well balance with her black and whites tones, but I am happy to find a splash of color other than blue this spring. An unexpected Salmon that poses in these photos so beautifully, I also thought that I could bring a bit of color to your monday blues. Get a little inspired with these nice arrangement of objects and tones.

batik wallpaper tine K

These green lams bring a surprising punch of color to contrast the black and white batik.

Tine K collage

Love the collage with the salmon scissors with an old look.

batik boxes Tike K

Small boxes made out the batik paper, they are sooooo nice.

Batik napkins Tine K

You know that if would have a wooden stamp or any type of stamp you could do your own seasonal napkins! just a thought.


Photos Via: TineK

Pretty pretty spaces

Get inspired by pretty pretty rooms like these ones. I love the way they mix and match vintage, industrial and art. Enjoy!

industrial lighting

Industrial lighting, bulbs at different sizes its a great whimsical idea.

industrial fireplace

A fireplace made of concrete in the middle of the room, neutral and balanced, love it!

rustic bath

Old rusty frames and concrete walls makes of a tiny space a big statement.

industrial and vintage

Mix chairs from the same industrial style keeping thing fun but in tone.

industrial design plus art

The way things are displayed in this room are just perfect.

vintage space with industrial touches

Another class on how to displayed art in an unexpected manner.

Photos via: RUM



Josef Frank. Design Lesson No. 4

Textile, textiles, textiles. Some of the most beautiful textile designs belongs to an architect, that’s right, a Viennese architect from the ’40 called Josef Frank. He was born in Vienna and moved for some time to Sweden where he build vacations homes for swedish families. In the years of WWII he and his wife moved to NY for some time to only return to a Sweden that appreciated and understood his art, his vision and his talent; a range of works that today still stand as the most fascinating and modern works of the 21st century, even though was created on the 20th century.

Josef frank 2


Josef Frank 3.png

Josef Frank 4.png


Photos via: Svenskttenn

Casa del Agua

I have not seen branding at its highest in a long time, until I ran into this incredible water factory in Puebla, Mexico. I am in love with the way they handled the branding, the interior design and the product itself. Who would it thought that something so essential like WATER could be so hip and with a vintage twist. It is in fact a luxury, since as CASA DEL AGUA states WE ARE MADE OUT OF WATER, so why not get the best? Indeed, they put together a high quality product from the creation using local sources and purifying methods that includes a philosophy that belives that water is affected by thoughts. CASA DEL AGUA takes care of that in the process assuring the water is recieving only nurturing, peaceful and loving thoughts in the process. I am not sure if that would make it taste better… But what I am sure of is that that water looks clearly like a piece of great design.


casa del agua

interior casa del agua

interior casa del agua 3

casa del agua logo

Less is always more, simple iconic logo, feels like the good design from the 70′.

design from casa del agua

casa del agua bottle

casa del agua bottle 2

casadel agua interior3

casa del agua branding

Branding at its best.. in my opinion. :)


Photos via: CASA DEL AGUA


Christmas the nordic way…

It’s almost Christmas and what better way to get ready for it than get some inspiration from our beloved nordic people. This villa outside Copenhagen shows a Christmas decor a bit desaturated and full of nostalgia. I am in love with the earth tones and the vintage pieces that decor every corner of this incredible villa.

nordic xmas decor

Twigs and candles on the window. Mix and match chairs for the dinning table, we can spot some Eames and Thornet chairs with and without armrest.

nordic xmas 1

A vintage baby blue bench from a french flea market showcasing some xmas presents. A start made out of twigs some greens and candles, with wooden deers,such a great touch for your window.

nordic xmas 2

details, details, details…it’s all in the details.

nordic xmas 3

Wrapping done out of left over papers.

nordic xmas 4

Beautiful tree with candles.

nordic xmas 5

The chandelier it’s been replaced by mistletoe for xmas season. A vintage bench serves as a coffee table decorated with some candles and a wreath. Table decor with leafs and flowers; small tree shaped wooden figures… just perfect, simple and balance.

Photos via: Bo Bedre

One Fine Stay

Can you imagine spending few days in these amazing spaces? Well, you can. It’s all about vacationing with personality. No more sterile hotels with very little warm, this is the new way of traveling. One Fine Stay makes that possible, staying in beautiful apartments in London or NY when the homes are empty, on top of it yo will be treated with the best linens from The White Companyin London and toiletries from Kiehl’s, they also provide you with an IPhone with tips from the owner’s house and maps to key places in the city. What else can you ask for… In times where London it is my favorite place to visit…Christmas time, consider One Fine Stay as your new lodging solution to a luxurious unforgettable stay.

4th Avenue Union Square apartment

4th Avenue Union Square apartment 2

4th Avenue Union Square apartment 34th Union Square Apartment.

Thurloe Square South Kensington apartment

Thurloe Square South Kensington apartment2

Thurloe Square South Kensington apartment 3Thurloe Square South Kensington Apartment.

Princelet Street Apartment

Princelet Street Apartment.

Photos via: One Fine Stay

Bertoia. Design Lesson No. 3

Let’s now head to Italy… well, not quite. Henry Bertoia, famous for his wire chairs, was born in Northern Italy. At the age of 15 he visited his brother in Detroit, where he then decides to stay and study in the Cass Technical High School learning the art of making handmade jewelry and sculpture. In 1937 he received a scholarship to study at Cranbrook Academy of Art, where he mingled with Edmund Bacon, Ray and Charles Eames.

In 1943 he moves to California to work with Charles Eames until the war is over in the 45′. Later he helped stablish an studio in Pensilvania with Hans and Florence Knoll. It is here where he develops 5 different wire pieces known as the Bertoia Collection for Knoll. One of his most famous one it is the “diamond chair”. He had an incredible understanding of space and the material he used, his taste is an undeniable great mix of italy design and fresh inspiration from the america he felt in love with.

Henry Bertoia

Knoll bertoia diamond chair 1

Bertoia Diamond Chair

Dining room wood table Bertoia chairs 2

photos via: Spacecraft, LA Dolce Vita

Arne Letters.

Few week ago I wrote about Danish architect- designer, Arne Jacobsen. I did forget to mention that he also created typography for Aarhus City Hall. In 1937 he created a typeface that still looks contemporary today and is without a doubt absolutely gorgeous. Today you can drink and eat his letters, figuratively. The typeface has been revived to decorate porcelain plates and mugs that you can purchase over here.

Arne Typeface

Schermata 11 2455868 alle 21 25 56 550x384

Arne typeface mugs 2

Arne mugs


Photos via:

The Wishbone Chair by Wegner (1914-2007). Design Lesson 1.4

Another iconic design from a danish designer; the Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner. He was born in Denmark in 1914, at the age of 22 he attended the school of Arts and Craft in Copenhagen. After school he assisted Arne Jacobsen until 1943, designing the Arhus Town Hall. After that he opened his own office and launch the beginning of a series of chairs that will be part of history forever. His intense danish need to simplify the forms was a catalyst for the creation of Wegner’ chairs. Also the creator for the Round Chair, called the most beautiful chair by the america interior magazine in 1950. The Wishbone Chair was created in 1950, it is considered his most successful design. Wegner die in Copenhagen, January 2007 at the age of 92.

wishbone chair by wegner


wishbone chair by wegner 2

Photos via: Danish Design, Suite NY

Farm House from Denmark

We still have some summer left, nice warm days, summer breeze. This gorgeous farm house from Denmark is a great location and set to imagine a better summer and bring to our homes a little of scandi flair and style that fits perfect any weather really. Light colors make the hard heat a more bearable experience and the simple decor inspires to go back to simplicity and enjoy the peace it brings. I love this home sooo much, please gat a nice ice tea and enjoy a warm summer day looking thru these gorgeous photos.

Danish country home1

An open floor plan, very relaxing to mix different activities for a family.

Danish country home2

A vintage kitchen island, what a great touch for any modern kitchen.

Danish country home3

Great hook made out of champagne holder from a Bodega! brings so much personality to your kitchen.

Danish country home4

Black wood burning stove is a great focal point in the open floor plan.

Danish country home5

A hideaway room behind the stairs, a perfect place to read a book on a chilly night. The armchair is from a flea market and the bookcase from Muuto.

Danish country home6Old vintage decor always add a good something, something to your home.

Danish country home7

A simple room is more relaxing and inspiring.

Danish country home8

This RAW daybed reminds me of old boys scouts camping adventures.

Danish country home9

The black tabletop (black painted mdf) gives character and it is a great budget solution for any bathroom.

Photos Via: Femina

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