Condesa DF

Let’s embrace color, let’s get ready for Spring. Check this incredible Hotel in Mexico City called Condesa DF. I stayed here few years ago, and I was mesmerized by the brave used of color. Turquoise is the main color around this incredible space making everything dance in harmony and vibrancy. The rooms are so inviting that you might feel is just an amazing home not a hotel we are looking at. So no more to say, look at it, let these colors inspired you.

 condesa df mexico city  1

La barra” best place to enjoy a cocktail before dinner.

Condesa DF hotel 2

Best breakfast I ever had. From fresh cheeses to marmalades, natural juices, fresh tortillas and more.

HotelCondesaDF 3

This room seems to belong to a quaint house in the mexican city neighborhood Condesa DF.

condesa df 4


Beautiful matching shelves and wall color, just simply perfection.

 Condesa DF Hotel Exterior 1

Condesa DF, a neighborhood where boutiques, art galleries and tacos merged.

Photos via: CNTraveler, Orbitz, Discover-deliver, Flickr.


Palm Springs groove

The Ace Hotel in Palm Spring California is a great combination of mid century design with a pinch of bohemian aroma and a touch of ethnic spice. Now that Coachella is approaching I would totally pair up the experience staying at the Ace Hotel. I always been in love with Palm Spring magic, what I love about this place is that can help you get so many ideas in how to come back home and make some purging, simplify your space and sleek it up with a simple mexican throw or a vintage signage or just one letter. This experience is going on my wish list for 2013. Enjoy.

Ace Hotel Entrance

Ace Hotel Lounge

Ace Hotel Dinner

Ace Hotel Room 1

Ace Hotel room 2

ace hotel room 3


Photos via: Wallpaper, Paper, Sunset.

One Fine Stay

Can you imagine spending few days in these amazing spaces? Well, you can. It’s all about vacationing with personality. No more sterile hotels with very little warm, this is the new way of traveling. One Fine Stay makes that possible, staying in beautiful apartments in London or NY when the homes are empty, on top of it yo will be treated with the best linens from The White Companyin London and toiletries from Kiehl’s, they also provide you with an IPhone with tips from the owner’s house and maps to key places in the city. What else can you ask for… In times where London it is my favorite place to visit…Christmas time, consider One Fine Stay as your new lodging solution to a luxurious unforgettable stay.

4th Avenue Union Square apartment

4th Avenue Union Square apartment 2

4th Avenue Union Square apartment 34th Union Square Apartment.

Thurloe Square South Kensington apartment

Thurloe Square South Kensington apartment2

Thurloe Square South Kensington apartment 3Thurloe Square South Kensington Apartment.

Princelet Street Apartment

Princelet Street Apartment.

Photos via: One Fine Stay

Hotel Flora from Sweden

Hotel Flora is a beautiful boutique hotel located in the city of Goteborg, Sweden. Goteborg is a growing city, second largest in Sweden, where the design and music are setting the new trends all over Europe. I think Hotel Flora reflects the modernity yet warm personality of Goteborg. I love the combination of color and textures used in Hotel Flora, always in perfect balance. Its modern looks never feels cold nonetheless is full of personality and character. This beautiful work of design comes from a swedish design studio called Design by US. A super creative studio with incredibly style and sensibility. Enjoy!

Hotel flora library

R9Y8661 Redigera e1308228440846

Hotel Flora 6889

Hotelflora theflowerroomtwin 590x393

Photos via: Hotel Flora

Resort The Mansion in Ubud, Bali.

Beautiful Resort and Spa called The Mansion in the hiding hills of Ubud, you can definitely loose yourself here, get a spa treatment, even see the dentist, this fancy resort have all the comforts you can imagine you would want.  The entrance is impressive; white floors tall ceilings and Bali statues along the corridor.  As you enter the main sala you find yourself in an luxurious living room decorated with great pieces of antiquities from the island and the best pieces of furniture showcasing the amazing wood carving culture Bali offers, best wood carving around Indonesia. The restaurant is called Indochine and the colors and styles that are combined in this space makes luxurious be lay back, if you don’t believe me there is such a thing check out the photos and see for yourself. The attention is superb and most of all, they are humble and relax making you feel at home even you come here to snap some pictures.

Presidential Suite at Resort Mansion UbudThe Governor Suite at The Mansion Resort.

Main Entrance at Resort Mansion Ubud

Main entrance at Resort Mansion UbudEntrance at The Mansion Resort.

Main Entrance at Resort Mansion Ubud

Main Entrance at Resort Mansion UbudOutside The Mansion Resort.

Inside at Resort Mansion UbudMain Sala at The Mansion Hotel.

Inside at Resort Mansion UbudCarved Wood doors Bali style.

Inside at Resort Mansion UbudCarved wood sofas Bali style.

Pool at Resort Mansion UbudInside Patio and Pool.

Inside at Resort Mansion Ubud

Pool at Resort Mansion Ubud

Pool at Resort Mansion Ubud

Spa at Resort Mansion UbudSpa Gardens at The Mansion Resort.

Spa at Resort Mansion Ubud

Restaurant at Resort Mansion Ubud

Restaurant at Resort Mansion UbudIndochine Restaurant inside The Mansion Resort.

Restaurant at Resort Mansion Ubud

Restaurant at Resort Mansion Ubud

Restaurant at Resort Mansion Ubud

Restaurant at Resort Mansion Ubud

Restaurant at Resort Mansion Ubud

Photos via: My Canon G12

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