Casa del Agua

I have not seen branding at its highest in a long time, until I ran into this incredible water factory in Puebla, Mexico. I am in love with the way they handled the branding, the interior design and the product itself. Who would it thought that something so essential like WATER could be so hip and with a vintage twist. It is in fact a luxury, since as CASA DEL AGUA states WE ARE MADE OUT OF WATER, so why not get the best? Indeed, they put together a high quality product from the creation using local sources and purifying methods that includes a philosophy that belives that water is affected by thoughts. CASA DEL AGUA takes care of that in the process assuring the water is recieving only nurturing, peaceful and loving thoughts in the process. I am not sure if that would make it taste better… But what I am sure of is that that water looks clearly like a piece of great design.


casa del agua

interior casa del agua

interior casa del agua 3

casa del agua logo

Less is always more, simple iconic logo, feels like the good design from the 70′.

design from casa del agua

casa del agua bottle

casa del agua bottle 2

casadel agua interior3

casa del agua branding

Branding at its best.. in my opinion. :)


Photos via: CASA DEL AGUA


Bertoia. Design Lesson No. 3

Let’s now head to Italy… well, not quite. Henry Bertoia, famous for his wire chairs, was born in Northern Italy. At the age of 15 he visited his brother in Detroit, where he then decides to stay and study in the Cass Technical High School learning the art of making handmade jewelry and sculpture. In 1937 he received a scholarship to study at Cranbrook Academy of Art, where he mingled with Edmund Bacon, Ray and Charles Eames.

In 1943 he moves to California to work with Charles Eames until the war is over in the 45′. Later he helped stablish an studio in Pensilvania with Hans and Florence Knoll. It is here where he develops 5 different wire pieces known as the Bertoia Collection for Knoll. One of his most famous one it is the “diamond chair”. He had an incredible understanding of space and the material he used, his taste is an undeniable great mix of italy design and fresh inspiration from the america he felt in love with.

Henry Bertoia

Knoll bertoia diamond chair 1

Bertoia Diamond Chair

Dining room wood table Bertoia chairs 2

photos via: Spacecraft, LA Dolce Vita

Happy Halloween!

Hope all of you folks will have a very special halloween, I would like to share with you this awesome illustration for your desktop right here. Happy trick or treating!


halloween desktop


Design Lesson No. 2. Serge Mouille.

Moving onto another region in Europe our next designer comes from France, Paris. Serge Mouille (1922-1988). Serge graduated as a silversmith from the School of Applied Arts in Paris. His works are an onomatopoeia of nature. He mostly dedicated his works to create lighting sculptures or lamps, cause his work to me is a piece of art with a function. His lamps resemble insects that move around the space without disrupting the life of others beings. I think his work is timeless and enchanting, his lamps in any room transform the place to a different level, mysterious, enchanted, fable like. Serge dedicated his life to work and teach. His lamps will always be an incredible discovery to the eye every time you look at them.

SergeMouille floor

SergeMouille rotatingSconce

Tumblr m5eyhkOZu31r081g3o1 1280

Photos via:

Raptor, the table of the future

The table from the future comes from Germany, no surprises there. Sotyrys and Alexander Pantopolus are responsible for the new Raptor, a table design by architects. Sotyrys and Pantopolus are prize-winning architects and designers working among others in Poland, Japan and Korea. Their new creation Raptor is more than just a table, is 100% customizable, fitting any needs and you can choose from different materials to fit your style. More than a table is an sculpture, a strong statement of modernity, a balance of art and functionality. Raptor may not fit every style but for those who embrace the future now they had found their match.



raptor table 2

Photos via:


Bar & CO. Restaurant, Finland

An incredible example of nordic design, architecture and decor. Bar & CO Restaurant was designed by Joanna Laajisto an interior architect that lived and studied in the West Coast of the US and decided to go back home in Finland to work. Her works are a mixed of relax spaces and elegance. She used common vintage objects like copper cake molds and transformed them into tea lights holders, that creativity is what makes a big difference in a space. And for sure this space is different and inviting, I can’t wait to be back in lovely Finland and have an aperitif here.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 1

That is my favorite bookcase display so far! I have to have that one made in my home.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 2

Copper cake molds turned into tea light holders, just perfect.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 3

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 4

Awesome light fixture from Constance Guisset a french touch that enhances the space.

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 5

Bar Co by Joanna Laajisto Helsinki 6

The used of a french classic like chair “No. 14″ or chair “Thonet” gives a touch of cosmopolitan hang out in downtown Helsinki.

Photos via: Joanna Laajisto

Arne Letters.

Few week ago I wrote about Danish architect- designer, Arne Jacobsen. I did forget to mention that he also created typography for Aarhus City Hall. In 1937 he created a typeface that still looks contemporary today and is without a doubt absolutely gorgeous. Today you can drink and eat his letters, figuratively. The typeface has been revived to decorate porcelain plates and mugs that you can purchase over here.

Arne Typeface

Schermata 11 2455868 alle 21 25 56 550x384

Arne typeface mugs 2

Arne mugs


Photos via:

Arttiles obsesses with tiles

The best way to combine functionality with art could be Arttile, a company producing ceramic titles expressing individuality, art and creativity. I couldn’t help to notice this highly creative product that functions as art and a kitchen wall, or bathroom wall or a counter!  Multiple uses of titles makes this form of expression fun and functional. Arttile was created by Anette Normark and Trine Galschiot in Copenhagen, Denmark. I absolutely love it! I think it’s an incredible idea, I believe it looks gorgeous in any home, showing personality and unexpected decor. Enjoy!

Arttile kitchen wall


Art wall with Arttile


Photos via: Arttiles

Josephine’s Paris Kitchen

Interior Designer Josephine is the creator of this stunning Kitchen for a project in Paris. The 200 square meter apartment landed in the cover of Casaviva Thailande on april this year. No surprise after researching all the great work Josephine does. The apartment itself is incredible, but I was enchanted particularly by this soft, full of character kitchen. The mix of old and new plus textures is so classy but the touch of pink very daring and unexpected, I am amazed how it fits so well this kitchen without making it too girly, it is plain fun and stylish. I love pink but always been very careful about using it around the house because can make the space a little too girly for my taste, but after seeing this I feel like makes it fun and daring which it’s right up my alley. Enjoy!

Photo thai3




Photos via: Josephine Interior Design



Finland full of good stuff

Another country always at the avangart of design is Finland. One example of that is iittala, a wonderful brand that creates home decor and accessories, made by many finnish designers. My favorite creation from iittala are the gorgeous “vitriini” boxes made out of glass and also mix wood and glass by designer Anu Penttinen. They are absolutely beautiful and as it names in italian says it: “vitriini” is a great “window display” for your goodies at home.

This year, Vitriini has been honoured with the prestigious iF product design award. Created in glass, oak, and aluminium, the collection offers a host of vibrant colours and hundreds of possible combinations. It’s time to let your imagination go.

Vitriini box 60x60mm turquoise blue oak

Vitriini Insides count

Vitriini group 2011

Photos via: iittala

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