Color my floors

This beautiful work comes from GROOPPO Architecture Studio in Italy. I am a lover of white floors, but that’s the reason why I am so impressed with this project, because it really makes me rethink the idea of having some color tiles in my home instead. The tile work in this project is a chromatic master piece. If you are thinking on refurbishing some rooms I will suggest some tiles floors with these soft palette of colors. I assured you you wont get bored of looking at them, I actually think the will make your beautiful memories get pressed into your mind with more color.

grooppo home leaving room

grooppo project leaving room2

grooppo project kitchen

grooppo home bathroom

Grooppo Home 1

Grooppo Home 2

Grooppo Home Studio

Photos via: Grooppo

Arne Letters.

Few week ago I wrote about Danish architect- designer, Arne Jacobsen. I did forget to mention that he also created typography for Aarhus City Hall. In 1937 he created a typeface that still looks contemporary today and is without a doubt absolutely gorgeous. Today you can drink and eat his letters, figuratively. The typeface has been revived to decorate porcelain plates and mugs that you can purchase over here.

Arne Typeface

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Arne typeface mugs 2

Arne mugs


Photos via:

Arttiles obsesses with tiles

The best way to combine functionality with art could be Arttile, a company producing ceramic titles expressing individuality, art and creativity. I couldn’t help to notice this highly creative product that functions as art and a kitchen wall, or bathroom wall or a counter!  Multiple uses of titles makes this form of expression fun and functional. Arttile was created by Anette Normark and Trine Galschiot in Copenhagen, Denmark. I absolutely love it! I think it’s an incredible idea, I believe it looks gorgeous in any home, showing personality and unexpected decor. Enjoy!

Arttile kitchen wall


Art wall with Arttile


Photos via: Arttiles

Mugs with animal inspirations

Nature is there to inspire us all, an what a better example for that statement that these animal mugs created by different artist from different countries; Ange-line Tetrault from Canada and Kinto from Japan. There is a saying that goes: Great minds think alike. Well that might be truth. I just wanted to share this with you, hope you folks enjoy your weekend. Always be alert for what it surrounds you, spend a little time in nature this weekend, and let nature inspires you. Happy Weekend!


animal mugs


Photos via: Kinto, Ange-line Tetrault.

Color me mine?

one of a kind ceramic plate collection

not quite! these ceramic plates collection are from Berlin based firm Kuehn Keramic. I ran into this amazing work at Maison & Object fair in Paris. Pretty inspiring work. Great pieces that can be amazing wedding presents I think, I am really considering having some of these pieces at “From with Love“. They also have a boutique in Berlin if it happens that you live there or you are visiting.

Photos via: Kuehn Keramic

I’m crazy about….

…this awesome bag!!! at the Maison & Objet Fair by German designer Pia Pasalk. The handle is made of real ceramic, very strong and durable. The body of the purse is made out real leather and vintage canvas fabric. It’s a piece of art more than a bag, but you can also try to wear it with a nice worn down pair of jeans and a nice white button up shirt. I’m not and expert in the matter, but I would suggest. :-)

designer bags with ceramic handles

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