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This week I would like to introduce to you to 5 new blogs on design and creativity. I know sometimes it feels overwhelming trying to get original content and fresh inspirations, but I’ve done my homework for you, here are 5 blogs I enjoy  and I hope you do too. They’re listed in no particular order, I love them all and I would say that all have some similarities that attracted me to them, these are; originality, relax voice, personal feel, contemporary and clean design.

23qm Stil Blog creativity in a cup 79 ideas joy ever after the marion house book

1.- 23 qm stil. Inspiring blog from Cologne, Germany. This blog is in German, but easy to translate with google. She shows us great finds from Cologne. She loves her Iphone and she prefers tech presents more than jewelry on birthdays. She has a nice post on an app to send graphically rich messages with a vintage flare to friends from your Iphone. I really love that one, since we are very tech driven at home and we look like the Apple family; iphones, Imac’s, Powerbooks, etc. I left this blog feeling fresh. Nice one!

2.- The Marion house book. Emma writes about design, spaces and has a style that is a nice balance between the old and the new. She recently started a section called Friday Files, I really love it, she shares links from other sites showing amazing interiors, can’t wait to see what’s next. I like her blog very much, definitely a place to go and get inspired.

3.- Joy ever after. Very inspiring, well executed graphically, nice content, love how she talks to readers. Yes, this is a must read. Now she is traveling in Ireland and sharing her experience. I lived there for 4 months in my college years and I can totally understand why is she so attracted to that land! Visit her!

4.- 79 Ideas. Very  Romantic, when you feel you need to get back in touch with your girly side… I would recommend coming here. Beautiful home decor photos and good sources, she has a simple way to show her finds. I find a steady palette of pastels thru her posts, intentionally or not I think is very calming.

5.-Creativity in a cup. Coffee Junkie Christine, from the Philippines, is full of energy… or caffeine; but nonetheless she will pass on all that great energy thru her blog to you. Very young, but also very mature and inspiring. Her blog tells about magazines, design, and travel in a very colorful way. She is a magazine editor and she is always sharing new editorials from all over the world, I am myself a magazine addict so really appreciate the sources she shares. I would say she is a handful of good things!

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