Bonnie Gammill: Color Cloud

I wish I were in Austin this week to see first hand these explosions of color and creativity. Responsible for these creations and for bringing a smile to my face this morning is Bonnie, who finished her MFA in 2009 from the University of Texas in Austin. Currently she lives in Austin and works as a Youth Arts Instructor at the Dougherty Arts School leading creative projects for K-5 graders. Totally lovely and inspiring. Enjoy!

Paper Cloud by Gammill

Paper Cloud by Gammill

Gammill studio

Photos via:Paper Store

RGB by Carnovsky

Carnovsky is a Milan based artist/designer duo comprised by Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla. This new project is called RGB juxtaposing images in primary colors that once put through a light or film in  BLUE, MAGENTA or  GREEN will bring a single layer out. RGB was shown this week in at the Design Week in Milan 2013. I love the natural history  themes picked for these wallpapers. Incredibly inspiring and yummy to the eye. Enjoy!

Carnovsky installation 1Wallpaper with no filter.

Carnovsky installation 2Wallpaper through a magenta light or filter brings out the serpent, fish, birds etc.

Carnovsky installation 3Wallpaper through BLUE light bringing out a total different group of animals and insects.

Carnovsky installation 4Wallpaper through GREEN light will bring out the elephant, octopus etc…

Carnovsky cards 5RGB Postcards.

Horseman hardcase  iphone coverIphone hardcase.

Carnovsky prints 1RGB prints.

Carnovsky jaguarshoes 1RGB wallpaper on a cafe.

Carnovsky jaguarshoes 2

Carnovsky installation 6

Photos via: Carnovsky

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my folks! I wish you a weekend full of love and creativity! I would like to share few things with unique Easter spirit to start a great weekend!

nordic bunnyNordic Bunny! This is my kinda bunny!

eggshell candlesI love this idea, so simple and so beautiful, just fill some eggshells with wax and a wick. You can make them in pastels! Adorable. Kids would love this! I would.

bunny coatThe bunny coat! The most endearing coat I’ve seen for kids in a long time!

Mason Jars PAintedPainted and distressed Mason Jars! this is a super easy DIY for the weekend! So cute!

Bunny alphabetThe bunny alphabet!! I love this illustration on bamboo for a kid’s room.


Have a great weekend!!


Mei Xian Qiu’s Work of Art

On Saturday I was walking through an Art Opening in Los Angeles when I ran into Mei Xian’s work. At first the bright colors and the big canvases are what caught my attention and suddenly I was hooked. Her work is full of irony, meaning and poetry. Mei was born in Java, Indonesia from Chinese parents, they migrated to California when she was very young spending her life between the US and China as a parental attempt to not being westernized. You can see her life in her juxtaposed work of photography, glass and illustration. Beautifully displayed against the light making all the layers and colors come to life. Her work not surprisingly ended up in the pages of Living ETC, UK for the May issue. I really enjoyed meeting Mei; she was warm and eager to explain her work to me and eager to know about other people’s juxtaposed lives as well. Enjoy!

MEi Xian Qiu 1 Mei Xian Qiu 2 Mei Xian Qiu 3 Mei Xian Qiu 4 Screen Shot 2012 11 14 at 1 40 01 PM

Photos via: Mei Xian Qiu

Gary Baseman on Halloween

I had the pleasure to attend this past weekend Gary Baseman’s Art Show in Los Angeles to start mentally preparing for Halloween this year. I have to say, the show was spooky and fun. I love the collection of vintage photographs that the artist has collected over the decades to compile such interesting and spooky experience, some of the photographs are nearly a century old. Most of the images are just normal people getting ready to trick or treating around the american suburbia in the 50′ and 60′, but the brushes added by the artist makes it even more freaky. I personally love Halloween, this pagan festivity really bring us back to spooky times and believes, if you know the actual history of Halloween. Enjoy!


baseman halloween 1

baseman halloween 2

This is a great piece the artist had at the Show. Easily made by covering dolls with a piece of white fabric with holes for the eyes and mouths. It is a simple cheap decor DIY you can try this Halloween.

baseman halloween 3

Gary’s work using vintage photographs he collected it for more than a decade.

baseman halloween 4

Photos via: Arrested Motion

Ericofon or Cobra Phone. Design Lesson no. 1.2

To continue on Nordic Design. I would like to add this simple yet famous invention of the 20th century that made a big difference to the world. It is the Ericofon, design by Ericsson Company in Sweden. You might be familiar with this nice vintage look phone but maybe ignore its big importance in the history of Design. THe Ericofon was released on the second half of the 20th century and marks the future for the cordless phone almost 30 years prior its invention. This small but significant creation is found in the Museum of Modern Art in NY and in the Museum of Design in Stockholm. Gösta Thames is considered the father of the Ericofon. Other relevant designer to work on this project was Ralph Lysell. Gotham Thames

Gösta Thames and the Ericofon in black.

Photos via: flikr, Ericsson

bacc: Bangkok arts and culture center

One of my favorite places to visit in Bangkok was the Center of Arts and Culture. The first thing I saw was this great graffiti/wall painting exhibit that made the entire building a canvas for  self expression. 16 artists (P7, Yuree, ZIDS, Mamafaka, cider, Never, May-T, 01, Tawan, Narissara, Rukkit, Miss Ink, Logan Bay, Wanapracha, TRK, Space Limo.) were invited to paint over the walls of the center ,which structure resembles a snail shell. My lovely discovery this time was this artist which caught my eye and love since that day, her name is Narissara Pienwimungsa, she singed her work as nariss, her work is being shown in many galleries around Bangkok. My photos were a little undercover since cameras are not allowed in the premises (so please shhhh).

Narissara Pienwimungsa thai artistbacc bangkok art and culture centerThese photo collage is via: bacc website, the rest of the photos are my personal ones.

Narissara Pienwimungsa thai artist

Close up of work of Narissara Pienwimungsa at bacc

Narissara Pienwimungsa thai artist

More  Narissara Pienwimungsa’s workNarissara Pienwimungsa thai artist

Artist still working on exhibit FOR wallpainting 2.

entrance at the bacc: Bangkok art and culture center

Who said technology is not art?  Here the biggest qr-code I’ve seen, the coolest and guess what? it works of course!

close up of qr-code: Bangkok art and culture center

Close up of qr-code graphicsqr-code-baccTry to take a picture of this 3D qr-code and see by yourself how beautifully it works!


recycled stuffed animal's sofa at bacc

No words to express the  flash back childhood memories I had when I ran into this sofa made out of recycled stuffed animals including Snoopy and the amazing Hello Kitty. I even found attached to it the Hello Kitty’s father; amazing work, this is the kind of piece that makes a space totally unique. This sofa is placed in a small store that sells only recycled bags in the shops section at bacc, so it really is right in theme with the product line and simply lovable. I did not sit on it, but I bet they use it with no reservations.
recycled stuffed animal's sofaWhat I loved the most is the majority of Hello Kitties you can find in this sofa, so far I counted 30!, how many can you find? never enough, i wuold say… never enough

recycled stuffed animal's sofa

Photos via: my Canon G12

Papier a etres… Excusez-moi?

“Papier a etres” translate as “Paper to be”, beautiful things as you can see. Sophie Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet are a couple from Paris, I met her personally at the Paris Fair, they are amazing artists that have created an entire line of lighting sculptures just using paper. These are actually table lamps and you can buy them! Awesome news!

papier a etres lampspapier a etres lamps

These dolls walking up the stairs are complete mind blowing! I would definitely have that many dolls in my entry way leading the visitors into the living room! Why not? Or maybe just be happy with one floating on a bookshelf, that would be a great touch for any space.

papier a etres lamps

One of their latest inventions is this kid’s lamp, completely made out of paper, where there is a boy sitting in one end of a branch and a sweet rabbit is playing at the other end. This is a beyond cute, simple and just incredible imagination. Hope you like it.

papier a etres kid lampPhotos via: Papier a etres, My G10.

I’m crazy about….

…this awesome bag!!! at the Maison & Objet Fair by German designer Pia Pasalk. The handle is made of real ceramic, very strong and durable. The body of the purse is made out real leather and vintage canvas fabric. It’s a piece of art more than a bag, but you can also try to wear it with a nice worn down pair of jeans and a nice white button up shirt. I’m not and expert in the matter, but I would suggest. :-)

designer bags with ceramic handles

The Microcosmes of design

The Microcosmes of design

Interesting installation from Francois Bernard member of Maison & Objet.

Coming back to privacy in a world of overexposure.

design trends for fall

Here you also get to catch the latest trend in design for this fall.

hug chair for mocrocosmes

This one I call “the hug chair”. Seating here must feels like a nice welcoming after a hard day at work.
And this one is always in the mood for a hug!

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