Ferm Living: Nostalgic Pastels

Continuing on a Pastel note, I ran into the new Ferm-Living catalog, which, is full of pastels tones and nostalgia. Ahhh.. great combination of colors bringing the new breeze of march full of emotions and memories from lost childhoods and new ones to come. I have never seen feeling and art direction win over the hard sell mentality of the “product integrity” or “make the logo bigger!”. Finally a catalog with delightful washed out tones and lighting that interferes with the original product making it closer to art and not to advertising. I personally would shop more often if I was exposed to this kind of end result between design and art direction. Love it! Of course it had to be from Denmark.. not surprised about that! Enjoy.


Ferm4Wall  Stickers to do your own arrangement.

Ferm3Gorgeous kid’s wall.

Ferm5I am in love with this wallpaper and the wall lights are adorable!


Ferm1Total wallpaper nostalgia! Can’t get more 70′ tthat this!

Ferm2Great wallpaper with the stripe tent and the washed out lighting filter makes it even more dreamy.

Photos via: Ferm-Living

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