New Year’s resolution: Get organized before the year is OVER!

Organization starts with purging as much as you can. At least for me. If purging is making you nervous a good way to approach it is with enthusiasm.  Get some new closet storage like these closet design that are superb. Get excited about it. Organize the drawers inside as well, never neglect the drawers. I love the plexiglass dividers that let the light in. These solutions are also great to use for your home office design. Go for it! End the year with great joy and order!!! :-)




The cake stand to store your perfumes, jewelry or office supplies is it just plain genius. I always want to get one of those but never really bake that often, so now I have the perfect excuse to go and buy myself one. :-)


I absolutely love this space, from the storage units to the combination of textiles and colors. Everything in here is a amazing!! LOVE IT!

Photos via:  Danny Kuo, California Closets, HGTV, iidudu.

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