Finland full of good stuff

Another country always at the avangart of design is Finland. One example of that is iittala, a wonderful brand that creates home decor and accessories, made by many finnish designers. My favorite creation from iittala are the gorgeous “vitriini” boxes made out of glass and also mix wood and glass by designer Anu Penttinen. They are absolutely beautiful and as it names in italian says it: “vitriini” is a great “window display” for your goodies at home.

This year, Vitriini has been honoured with the prestigious iF product design award. Created in glass, oak, and aluminium, the collection offers a host of vibrant colours and hundreds of possible combinations. It’s time to let your imagination go.

Vitriini box 60x60mm turquoise blue oak

Vitriini Insides count

Vitriini group 2011

Photos via: iittala

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