Ericofon or Cobra Phone. Design Lesson no. 1.2

To continue on Nordic Design. I would like to add this simple yet famous invention of the 20th century that made a big difference to the world. It is the Ericofon, design by Ericsson Company in Sweden. You might be familiar with this nice vintage look phone but maybe ignore its big importance in the history of Design. THe Ericofon was released on the second half of the 20th century and marks the future for the cordless phone almost 30 years prior its invention. This small but significant creation is found in the Museum of Modern Art in NY and in the Museum of Design in Stockholm. Gösta Thames is considered the father of the Ericofon. Other relevant designer to work on this project was Ralph Lysell. Gotham Thames

Gösta Thames and the Ericofon in black.

Photos via: flikr, Ericsson

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