Lulu-DK textile Designer Interview

I had the pleasure to interview Lulu DK ,well-known textile designer and founder of LULU DK fabric’s. For Lulu growing up between the Bahamas and the Hampton’s was of a great influence for her passion of sea life and nature reflected in all her designs. She now lives in sunny Los Angeles. This Friday, July 6, Lulu is launching her home & decor shop on OpenSky. Each week she’ll feature things that elicit memories of joy, color, and curiosity — items that hold the memories and past journeys of life and things that add beauty to a personal space.
Lulu DK
I wanted to understand more in depth what’s  the creative process she goes thru and some advices she can give us for keeping that creativity alive. I also was interested in Lulu’s story and her personal favorites around her house. Hope you all enjoy.
How did you get started as a textile designer and how did that evolve into all the things you do now?
I went to Parsons School of Design for Fine arts and graduated in Interior Design. I looked for a way to combine both because I loved painting and I loved interiors. I moved to Paris after college and went to a school that specialized in tromp l’oeil. I loved it and was able to combine all my passions. I returned to NY and started painting clients walls in fine art creations that I made; large whimsical flowers and geometric. All the designers I worked with said. “you need to turn these into fabrics”. Since standing on a latter inhaling paint fumes was getting difficult, I began sketching out fabric ideas. A designer friend brought me to a mill in France and a line of LULU DK fabrics were born….through love and labor I started a company that I was lucky enough to have published by Marian McEvoy for Elle Decor. It took off and as time passed, so did all the licensing agreements, product production, books etc.
How do you keep inspired every day?
I paint every day, If I can’t think of something to paint, then I take a walk to a museum or in a garden, park or somewhere where there is nature. I have a place set up always to paint, even if I am traveling…I won’t paint unless there is a place I have set up with my paints etc.
If you could give advice to another designer or entrepreneur starting out, what would it be?
You have to LOVE (with a passion) what you do, or else you will  not have the stamina to live through the challenges that come along with any business building venture.
What’s your favorite room in your home, and why?(what’s the room style?My office is my favorite space…it usually shows a lot of love and a little less perfection…so to say it is what it has evolved to be with all my paintings, inspiration, children’s’ toys, and everything else the house may collect. It is usually the local hangout.
What’s your latest favorite design of yours?
I am painting all these flowers, which are usually a collection of memories from my trips…I have pretty much painted one every day that I have been on vacation in Italy. They make me feel happy and fulfill my need to capture a moment.
Thanks Lulu for sharing this with us, I personally feel already much more inspired and eager to keep up my creative work. If you want to follow Lulu’s new creations and suggestions for good design you can do so at her new store in OpenSky opening tomorrow July 6 where she launches her first collection titled “Lulu’s Beachside Glamour”.
Lulu DK  Silver Plated Shells
From her ”Lulu’s Beachside Glamour” collection the Silver Plated Shells
Lulu DK  Basketweave Lantern
Absolutely love these beautiful white Basketweave Lantern
Lulu DK  Oyster Shell Mirror
Also from her newest collection: Oyster Shell Mirror
Lulu DK  Twisted Rope Rug
This mat is a must for summer: Blue Twisted Rope Mat by TAG
Photos via: OpenSky.
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