Farm House from Denmark

We still have some summer left, nice warm days, summer breeze. This gorgeous farm house from Denmark is a great location and set to imagine a better summer and bring to our homes a little of scandi flair and style that fits perfect any weather really. Light colors make the hard heat a more bearable experience and the simple decor inspires to go back to simplicity and enjoy the peace it brings. I love this home sooo much, please gat a nice ice tea and enjoy a warm summer day looking thru these gorgeous photos.

Danish country home1

An open floor plan, very relaxing to mix different activities for a family.

Danish country home2

A vintage kitchen island, what a great touch for any modern kitchen.

Danish country home3

Great hook made out of champagne holder from a Bodega! brings so much personality to your kitchen.

Danish country home4

Black wood burning stove is a great focal point in the open floor plan.

Danish country home5

A hideaway room behind the stairs, a perfect place to read a book on a chilly night. The armchair is from a flea market and the bookcase from Muuto.

Danish country home6Old vintage decor always add a good something, something to your home.

Danish country home7

A simple room is more relaxing and inspiring.

Danish country home8

This RAW daybed reminds me of old boys scouts camping adventures.

Danish country home9

The black tabletop (black painted mdf) gives character and it is a great budget solution for any bathroom.

Photos Via: Femina

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