Deck time from Denmark!

Well, I have news for you, Summer is officially here and to celebrate the occasion I want to share this wonderful home from Denmark. I always loved decks, and different ways to decorate them. You can get inspired this weekend to add new flare to your deck this summer. This beautiful home comes from Bolig, one of my favorite magazines from Denmark. Enjoy your weekend and let the creative juices flow!

deck from Bolig mag

Deck from Bolig Mag

Even is the space is very reduce in size you can still create different ambients in the same space and it will make it bigger to the eye.

ineriors from Bolig Mag

1. Flare up your entrance with a bright color gnome! from Artemide. 2. The shapes an styles of both the lamps mix and match in perfect harmony. The sofa is an incredible piece from Autoban. 3. The unpolished wood floors texture against the polish steel kitchen is in perfect balance. 4. White floors for the bedroom, please yes! please!

Photos via: Bolig

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