Bloomingville 2012 Spring Collection

Another Danish obsession of mine! Here are some photos from the new catalog for 2012 collection. I love the way every object is placed on each shot. The color palette is just perfect, so soothing and rich at the same time. If you want to see a video of how was made go to Bloomingville.  I will highly recommended. Enjoy these photos to get some ideas, maybe you start a project for the weekend around your nest. Have a great weekend folks!


Bloomingville storage

Bloomingville storage 2

Bloomingville table

Bloomingville detail

Stacking your mags on top of an old bench, looks organize and you keep them off the floor!

Bloomingville table 2

Few ideas to store your pencils using vintage jars.

Bloomingville lamp

An acrylic storage for your utensils on a vintage cabinet is a nice mix of old and new! you can get your acrylic organizer at MUJI.

Bloomingville chair

I absolutely love this photo, having medium size figures in white make them less intricate and add some texture to your home.

Bloomingville mugs

I need that mug rack like yesterday!

Bloomingville drawers

Numbers, numbers, numbers, they can be decor as well!

Photos via: Bloomingville.

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