Bertoia. Design Lesson No. 3

Let’s now head to Italy… well, not quite. Henry Bertoia, famous for his wire chairs, was born in Northern Italy. At the age of 15 he visited his brother in Detroit, where he then decides to stay and study in the Cass Technical High School learning the art of making handmade jewelry and sculpture. In 1937 he received a scholarship to study at Cranbrook Academy of Art, where he mingled with Edmund Bacon, Ray and Charles Eames.

In 1943 he moves to California to work with Charles Eames until the war is over in the 45′. Later he helped stablish an studio in Pensilvania with Hans and Florence Knoll. It is here where he develops 5 different wire pieces known as the Bertoia Collection for Knoll. One of his most famous one it is the “diamond chair”. He had an incredible understanding of space and the material he used, his taste is an undeniable great mix of italy design and fresh inspiration from the america he felt in love with.

Henry Bertoia

Knoll bertoia diamond chair 1

Bertoia Diamond Chair

Dining room wood table Bertoia chairs 2

photos via: Spacecraft, LA Dolce Vita

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