Tidy Tidy Home of my Dreams

When order is the main objective of design we may think the results can be a “boxy” house with no flare. Well, this house from Israel by architect firm Sharon Neuman shows the opposite. A simple layout with many solutions to keep the space as tidy as you would like to. The use of vivid colors makes this space alive and vibrant. The lounge by the kitchen is just perfect to drink some tea and read a magazine. I love everything about this house; the openness, the colors, the windows, the floating bookshelves and the lighting. This is BALANCE at its best.

Harutzim house 01

Harutzim house 05

Harutzim house 03

Harutzim house 02

Harutzim house 04

Harutzim house 08

The hiding office to keep the mess away is perfect. The light blue doors makes it fun and light, not a boxy feeling at all.

Harutzim house 07

Photos via: Corriere.it


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