Sukha-Amsterdam. Dutch Joy.

Sukha means “joy” in Sanskrit. It is JOY what hit Amsterdam when Sukha, a small department store, opened its doors for the first time a year ago. Sukha space is a place to rejoice and relax from city craziness. Here you will find from clothing, jewelry, pillows, vintage furniture to travel and workshops. They  showcase lots of really unique brands like HOMEMADE,  Zilalila and Ontwerpduo. They also have their own label called: Sukha-Label, which is manufactured almost entirely in India applying fair trade conditions to all their creations. The store in itself is an explosion of creativity; if you need to get inspired, please head over to Sukha if you happen to be in Amsterdam. Sukha is an organic environment full of small details and mix matching vintage and recycled pieces of furniture. Another beautiful touch around the store are the poems that are written on the walls and also printed in postcards, all part of Sukha brand. I thank the Sukha team for their help to make this post happen.

Sukha store interior

I love the way they recreate a teepee in the middle of a department store in neutral colors using a diverse mix of textures. You are actually allowed to go in and read! Photo by Jeltje Janmaat.

Sukha interior 2

Great photo from Sukha space. I love the way everything around it is white, such a sense of peace and joy. You can appreciate in this photo one of my favorite pieces: the birdcage chair from Ontwerpduo. Photo by Jeltje Janmaat.

Sukha Stool

A great stool from HOMEMADE with some vintage blankets also available at Sukha. Photo by Jeltje Janmaat.

sukha shirt

This beautiful knotted shirt belongs to Sukha-Label for the Spring Collection. Photo by Bien Schols.

Sukha postcards

Sukha postcards with naughty poems for you to enjoy, I only wish they were in english too. Photo by Bien Schols.

Photos via: Photographer Jeltje Janmaat and Bien Schols.

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