Kauko Cafe

This year Helsinki has been nominated the World Capital of Design. It is an initiative of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, which every second year recognizes on global city for its accomplishments in utilizing design as a tool to improve social, cultural and economic life. The previous World Capital of Design have been Turin, Italy in 2008 and Seoul in South Korea 2010. Cape Town, South Africa was chosen as World Capital of Design for 2014.

To commemorate the occasion and create awareness on how design affects our lives everyday Kauko the remotely control Cafe was created and placed in various locations around the city of Helsinki. I really enjoyed this video that shows how good or bad design can really affect our lives and how indeed WE ARE designers of our own surroundings. Congratulations to Finland, a great emerging country of good design and creativity, can’t wait to be back soon.

Video via: wdc Helsinski

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