Del Popolo or better TO THE PEOPLE

This food truck embraces the whole meaning of gourmet food at reach. Named “Del Popolo” meaning “To the People”, this food truck serves authentic Neapolitan stone baked pizza in a total new way, never leaving out a sophisticated design now found on the streets of California. I love the simplicity of the logo and the clean architectural shapes of Del Popolo truck, his creator Jon Darsky did really accomplished the simplicity and beauty of Neapolitan pizza, giving the people an experience of design and great taste reminiscent of old good tasty italy.

Jon Darsky Del PopoloFYWL6

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL2

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL3

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL3

Jon Darsky Del Popolo FYWL4

Photos via: Del Popolo, Yatzer

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