New Candle Ideas for this Christmas

This is my first post on Xmas. I am a little late with the holiday spirit, but never too late when I can share with you amazing candles ideas and Decor for Xmas!! I love candles, who doesn’t right? the more the merrier!!! This weekend I ran into one of the oldest candle store in Spain. It is called Cereria Subira (Candle store) ¬†from 1761. The place itself is more like a luxurious theater entrance and the variety of candles it’s incredible. I was very fond of particularly these realistic candles collection imitating ball of yarn and spools of threads made by hand. I also found a new finish called “polychrome” similar to porcelain recreating russian dolls, rabbits, etc. I was so excited to see these new creations and so happy I can share the xmas spirit here with this post. Yo can try to carve one ball of yarn from a big brown candle, if you have the time and patience, I think it would be a great craft project. For now fill yourself with creative energy and look at these beautiful creations.

Subira Candle Store in Barcelona

Entrance at Cereria Subira, Barcelona, Spain.

Decorative Candles from Europe

Polychrome angel candle, owl and pinecone candles

Decorative Candles from Europe

Russian dolls polychrome candles, sweater candle and spool of thread candles

Candle's Russian dolls

Russian dolls candles in red and blue (photo with Lomo effect)

Glossy rabbit candle

Polychrome rabbit candle in white

Spool of thread candle

Spools of thread candles

ball of yarn candle

Ball of yarn candle and cable knit style candle

Ball of Yarn Candle

Ball of white yarn

owl candle, trunk silver candle

Collage of pics: owls candles – glittering silver logs candles – xmas tree with flowers candle – Cereria front store – Cereria inside store.

Photos via: My Iphone G4

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