Ideas and curiosities from Iceland with love!

winter in iceland, reykjavik

Free fun in Reykjavik, the natural ice rink was amazing, you could get to the other side of town just by crossing across the frozen lake. Saturday afternoon it was a beautiful view looking all the kids in skates and families just sliding for a little bit of fun.

Cafe Fru Berglaug in Iceland

Beautiful windows from Cafe Fru Berglaug, not only the Cafe is as cute as it gets, but the food was incredible, got to taste Whale and their famous dry fish! Delicious!

Cafe Fru Berglaug in Iceland

A piece of the menu at Cafe Fru Berglaug in Reykjavik.

window decor in Iceland

Window decor with glass jars and candles.

One thing that I was really impressed by, in this town, was the window decor. This idea was so simple and elegant at the same time, very affordable and just lovely, I love the fact that I can recreate this idea inside my broken chimney to get some fire this Xmas.

window decor in Iceland

Another adorable and affordable idea! Snowflakes with dollies! I love this idea! You could do the same thing for your home and add some christmas lights around the window to frame it. It would look awesome!

window decor in Iceland

one more shot of the window with dollies and Banksy? maybe?

Fish lamp from IcelandFish lamps anyone? not sure if this is the latest trend now in Iceland but definitely creative and unique!

Photos via: Iphone G4 and Canon G12.

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