Herr Max Bakery. The Most beautiful cakes!

Today is my birthday! so let’s eat some virtual cake! Where? at Herr Max! One of the most beautiful bakeries that I got to know thru my dear friend Ulla from Berlin, this place is magical and not just that, the cakes are amazing as well. This special place is in Hamburg, Germany. The owner , Matthias, also the pastry chef, is the genious behind this gourgeos bakery along with his girlfriend Julia, who helps with the decor and design of the name, all the photos from the website are taken by her and as you can see they are spectacular. This place used to be a milk factory of some sort, so all the tiles are original and they fit perfectly with Herr Max’s style. It look like a cake!

herr max bakery, Hamburg GermanyHerr Max Bakery, Hamburg GermanyHerr Max Bakery, Hamburg Germany

Now let’s eat some cake for my birthday, this is one of his pieces of art, one of my favorite cakes. I love the set up in this photo, the old candle holder with the antique camera looks just right.

Herr Max cakes, Hamburg Germany

I would love this one in girl version, I love to surf and this one it’s
a must for my birthday next year!

Herr Max cakes, Hamburg GermanyHerr Max also has a great range of pastries, pies, cakes and muffins, you named it,
he makes it. Using only organic products, working from classic recipes, adding  his interpretation, thus making them his own unique creations. Since I’m into design I have to say it: Where did they find that light blue ceramic and glass sugar jar? I want one!

Herr Max Bakery, Hamburg Germany

More amazing creations from Matthias and his great team at Herr Max. They also have classes, which I think it is a fabulous element that add to the magic of this place.

Herr Max Bakery, Hamburg Germany

No need to say much, they are just perfect and so unique. You definetely have to come to Hamburg and taste it ALL if you can, I think I could, but for today I going to keep enjoying these beautiful cakes online. Enjoy!

Herr Max Bakery, Hamburg Germany

Photos via: Herr Max, taken by Julia.

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