Happy Birthday Little Mermaid!

Statue of Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

One of the most famous attraction in Copenhagen is going to visit the Little Mermaid on the shore of Oresund’s river facing Sweden. She has been there since August 23, 1913. The statue’s birthday is celebrated in various ways every year on August 23. The Little Mermaid was inspired by a fairy story by Hans Christian Andersen, it was a love story with not such a happy ending, as she falls in love with a prince on land and she comes to shore to see him every day, but as much as she tries to be with her love, she has to return to sea longing for her impossible love forever. Now the Little Mermaid got sick of waiting for the prince and decide to take a long vacation, so if you are in Copenhagen and try to visit the Little Mermaid, you will only find a big screen with a live camera that shows Little Mermaid having a blast at the danish Pavilion design by famous architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of BIG, at the Shanghai Expo.

Big Screen in Oresund River

So I say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MERMAID!!!!and let all your sorrows behind!!!!you deserved it!

Danish Pavilion at Shanghai Expo

via: designbloom, google and myself.

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