Gaudi’s Tile Collage

Color combination is a hard topic, at least for me! There are many books on the subject, yet in spite of this, I always find  it hard to work with the color wheel.  I always try to go with my hunch when it comes to combining color, but to have good hunches you always need to be training your eye, looking for combinations everywhere you go;  in the buildings, the sidewalks, at the movies, in the food you eat, etc. Always keep your eyes cultured and well trained. I happened to visit Park Guell in Barcelona few days ago and beside its amazing architecture and organic structure I started to look into Gaudi’s famous collage work, made by little pieces of  beautiful  hand-painted tiles. Seems atrocious that he picked beautiful hand painted tiles and broke them into pieces, only  to rework them into a beautiful mosaic, but maybe the tiles were broken already and he just put them to a great use. Whatever the tecnic he used, it’s an amazing work of color combination and it is here for you to enjoy, a little bit of it, if you happen NOT to be in Barcelona. Use some of the colors that you see combined here and put them together in a room or in a mood board if you like. Here are some pictures to keep those eyes in line!

Park Guell mosaicbarcelona park Guell mosaicGaudi, Park Guell mosaicPhotos via: my Photos via: my Iphone G4

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  1. dana
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 12:50:43

    this is so beautiful and inspirational. thanks for sharing it.


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